besides the milk-leak(s) of her mammaries, what makes Strongwoman designed for motherhood? EGGS!

she's got eggs - they flowed out her cooch when
she bled the red, her role's out to view and
she knows she's made much to bow to semen
once you've seen vagina-slit, dudes' wood so fit nice and

she's guys' plaything, she might hate girls' design

she's not male, doubtfully manly
she wants his strength, yes, spites her boobs by chanting
"anything a man," so fucking fooled
every college wants sports teams split - men or womben

she is so slight, she just spites girls' wombs and designs

she's got eggs, they flowed out her womb, yes
she bled an egg, her role's out to view and
she's strong like guys, all in her mind
hey, doubt the pride proven through lies

oh, i mock girls...shit, i understand girls
they yearn for their lives
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