"empire of my mind" i've always been hearing on my mp3s and i've always related "empire of my mind" to my website. jakob dylan, dylan jacob...my parents were bob dylan fans, jakob's a little older than me, but my mom maintains i was not named after him.

i did another parody in honor of my website - michael w. smith's "love of my life".

there is fun that's in my mind
there's my heart, and this heart is paired with pride
i play with parody each night and write good speech
to madden negro guys, all girls and homo-types
for my empire seen online

you are the reason i don't sleep
you are the life that makes me cool as beans
you show how hard i strive to achieve
i am lucky to live fine, home to allocate my time
for the empire of my mind

i have no one to share my time
i have given up, i've felt horror and i've cried
i've had no teen loves or laughs or prides
i cannot deny there's a darkness that's inside
i have lived through strife-of-mind
and now i see things right, meditation gave me eyes
it's the empire that's online

there is a thoughtful brand of chaos, in there's my site
there is always more to write for the empire of my mind

there is no dylan that ain't lonely
i do have the will to give the all of me
i wish i could be kissed sometimes
need a guy tonight, masturbating suits me fine
cum will always wrong my pride
it shames me that i'm feeling high
til i've made cum-stains in light
of much more empire left to write

there is fun, it's in my mind
there is fun, it brings me life
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