"maybe i'll get a free spin win," i thought. "is it really a win," i thought. "maybe this time, i'll win" came to mind

that was written down as one of my parody ideas...i just won $412 over the $140 i withdrew tonight, i felt like doing a song, so voila. not viola. she was the waitress in grease. ha.

maybe this time, i'll be lucky, maybe this night will pay
maybe it's time for my hurt pride once to hurry away
free spins stoke the cash, pray the bonus lasts
not a loser anymore, like the last time and the time before

guess the slots deem us no winners, oh won't stop bleeding me
makes me be scorned, way unhappy, yeah but i often dream
that all the odds aren't bad if you pray hard, money's bound to roll in
it's gotta happen, happen sometime, maybe this time i'll win

cuz any slot 'chine, oh, it was a winner, so it's not unforeseen
pray to beat odds, pray to cash-in, and how christ strengthens me
thanks all to god when there is a breakthrough, money now will roll in
it's gotta happen, happen sometime, maybe this time...
maybe this time i'll win
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