when i was in high school, i giggled so much with stef janin when she put on her "sex maniac" persona and she got all sexually explicit. i told her that i always regarded the word "romp" as another word for sex, she thought it was funny and whenever she put on her "sex maniac" persona...she always said "i want to...........ROMP!"

i wanna romp (ROMP!)
i wanna romp (ROMP!)
i want to romp (ROMP!)
i wanna romp (ROMP!)

"take 'em down," i say, cuz all i want's to play with dudes
and mine is my best friend, my gay bone don't see no homos
with my cock, i'll play, cuz all i want's to play with dudes
yes, my cock is gay, so gay though - won't see no homos

so, if you ask me why, it's instant grat-fication
there's no real hunk here, just my naked tool

...i wanna romp (ROMP!)...

there's a feeling that i get from fucking, yes,
but it ain't fucking men or girls that makes it known! nono, nono, no
yearn to shag and cum, not waiting for a dong's how i am feeling what i want
no sex, no! won't see no homos

with images, my semen's truly shootin' from me
i'm fucking men, yet my wood lacks the poo

...i wanna romp (ROMP!)
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