the words "you have no right" screamed out when i was bombarded with Strongwoman propaganda and images of gi janes

you all have cunts to douche, you're all no men
wanting so bad for muscles and dudes' strength
and telling me how equal you are, 'chieving like dudes,
but when the mil'try requires men more to own what's brute,
who slights the whole platoon?

you have no right to act so boss-like, dear
who's drafted, why? you females be so slight
one day, you'll find why guys get pushed into the fight
cuz the gals be no strong beings, yes they're slight

(the female sergeant sings)
well, my head's strong - bench-presses, no
but as mens' bossman, i will see men the lesser gender-role
i was once raped, two schlongs inside
tougher now through so much spinning sex and lies

wombs, they're so pitied for - they need their separation
so we'll build a wall (one for all)
and they'll live so strong (see no schlongs)
when it's based on gender

well, you have no right to act so boss-like, dear
you have no right to think you equal guys
someday i might find myself burying you alive
but for now, i'll so belittle femi-pride
yes, for now, i'll go deem womens' strength as slight
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