yes, i go on and and, but i do it to advertise my site. like an earlier parody of "everybody have fun tonight" says, every body has dung inside.

i know this song because huey lewis did it.

i don't need a whole lot of humping, i don't need to live life hard
i've got parody and a manic-scorn writing for the right to bash whores

i don't have to run around, i don't have to chase down fun times
cuz i've got a beat, a beat and a hook and
well, i know just how to bide my time

i'm playing meeker prides, well the gays they seem clean out of pride
don't you know i need...need no time for fun, my words are some kind of wonderful
(yes, i live) to slight their lustful worlds

when i'm mopey, feeling scarred, i get my soul aliver
oh, yes, i make a parody - it fills my heart with satire
my web is fab and much more astounds me - oh, no sites be sounding like mine
i feel i'm funny with experience, i'm dylan fucking proud-type minds

i'm playing meeker prides, the gays they seem out of pride
don't you know i need no time for fun, my words (and my wit)
some kind of wonderful

now, is there anybody with a sweet little website like mine?
not, i see nobody with a sweet little website like mine
and i get no dick-licks, damn
and my web's my thrill, yes
heck, my head's the biiggest, yeah

i'm some kind of wonderful
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