everything i wanted to know about how to pronounce krauTHammer:
goTHam city, home of batman
vicki laTHam from american pie - not "vicki vale" from batman (there is no "TM" sound, so it's bat-man)
toPHer grace (though i'm sure this man could "top her" and surpass her in any weightlifting activity)
maTHematics, not "mat hematics"
seeTHer (not a command to a waiter)
weaTHer (have you ever wanted to see a broad "wet her" t-shirt?)
caTHeter (not "cat heter")
laTHer (not "lat her")
koSHer food (not "kos her")
goPHer on "friends" (not "gop her")

i could go on, but my name is not Pat Hology. it's janet, miss jackson if you're nasty.

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