back in may or so, i had opened an account at a bank. he was so nice to me, so i looked him up on facebook. i had never used facebook much before that, but since then i have been using it as a way to advertise my site.

anyway, i guess the pic that he had posted was from his first days at college - i really did not know if it was him, i thought it could have been his brother or something. so, after a couple of messages, i had given up.

i was advertising locally, and i thought i'd look his name up so i could get local facebook names to advertise my site to. i saw this pic, i saw his face, i knew it was him. wow, i know he is a football player...he kind of reminds me of josh from high school (josh lectured me about self-love and being all the man i need).

look at the outline of his nipple. what a big, strong chest. the blood that is shooting to my penis makes me think i'm going to turn over and hump the bed after i post this page. i saved this pic on my desktop. i was thinking of how happy i'd be if i was laying in bed with him. i bet his chest is hairy. look at that nipple.

i'm old enough to be his dad...or, as dolly parton once said, "i'm old enough to be that boy's lover". ha.

i'm gonna hump the bed now. it won't take long, not with the fantasy of that pic. my pic has his face - i don't want to post it on my site because - well, he didn't answer my facebook messages, so i don't think he wants anything to do with me.