well, needless to say, i rushed right out and saw american reunion. it sold out to gay propaganda, but it was alright.

anyway, here's a funny story:

i wanted to clean all the crap out of my ass, i put a sock over a mop (kinda reminded me of the long-shot of the sock that jim took out of his drawer before masturbating). then i put shampoo on it and shoved it up my ass a few times, it always came out with crap on it, so i got in the shower and shoved the hose to my "shower dong" up my ass (last year, the actual dong broke off the hose while it was up my ass, it took a while to fish out and i threw it away).

so, after shoving the hose up my ass and releasing the water and crap into the toilet, i went back in the shower and looked around the bathroom for my edge shaving gel can. i saw it, i stared at it - it was a reunion and i heard the beginning bassline to "american pie" in my mind.

needless to say, it went up my ass. i vowed never to put anything up my ass after reading about "gay bowel syndrome," it's been at least a month and maybe two, but it went up my ass.

read about "gay bowel syndrome" --> <-- read about "gay bowel syndrome"

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