this is one long response i sent to someone on manhunt who asked "Are you really anti gay, Obama, black people, and all the other things that are posted or are you be satirical?"
hmn...well, in answer to your one question, yes that is my ass with the shaving gel can inside. i don't do that anymore, i have learned that it raises the risk of incontinence - and for days after i first did it, well, i was leaking from my ass like girls leak eggs from their vaginas. (isn't it funny how the anatomy of females' bodies slaps feminism in the face? from the egg-leaking vagina to the milk-spouting mammary glands, even to the shorter/smaller/weaker aspect of femininity. i even made a shirt from the design on thelessergender dotcom (my website). femininity sure slaps feminism in the face.

i am against the National Association for the Advancement of White People, for the NAAWP is a racist group, as is the NAACP. i am against "male chauvinist pigs," which is an expression i learned when i was young and watching dolly parton's movie "9 to 5". i am also against "female chauvinist pigs" and the "anything a man can do" mentality - because if a vagina could do anything a man can do then there would be so such thing as gender-based sports teams or gender-based military competitions or gender-based eating competitions (coney island comes to mind).

and as for anti-gay - i don't find it doing anything for my masculine sense of esteem to be gawking in curiosity and amazement at other masculine bodies. all it's saying is that masculinity is some kind of "discovery zone" to me, and that i'm not "straight" with myself as a member of the masculine gender. all of this is a part of my website and the letters/essays which are all over google. i sign the letters with a madonna quote - "when i'm hungry, i eat - when i'm thirsty, i drink - when i feel like saying something, i say it".

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