people from the del val who dylan terreri (jagged little dyl) has seen around at delaware valley regional high school

jenn allen was a junior when i was a freshman. we both were "dancing waiters" in hello, dolly!. i somehow remember being in the hunterdon county library with her (and my sister, who knew her from band/color guard). i guess we were practicing the "dancing waiter" routine in the library, it sounds familiar.

anyway, i got to know jenn during the musical...and because she was already friends with my sister. she was dating someone named jeff. i forget his last name.

micki allen (michelle allen) was a freshman when i was a sophomore. she was in band and went to my first band camp, she played the clarinet. she was in cabaret as a dancer in the kit kat club, so i saw a lot of her (being the master of ceremonies).

micki dated craig schneiderwind during my sophomore or junior year, but i guess they were no longer together by the time of the prom...seeing that i took her to the prom. oh, gosh, i remember in pretty in pink - was that the movie - when there was a close-up of a girl's butt being grabbed by her boyfriend as they danced. i thought that was normal, so i did it. sorry, micki...

anyway, oh, i made a cassette tape for micki - it was the song "mickey" by toni basil playing endlessly. for 90 minutes, that's all that was on the tape. "oh, mickey, you're so're so fine, you blow my mind...hey, mickey!".

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