people from the del val who dylan terreri (jagged little dyl) has seen around at delaware valley regional high school

andrew stollak was another from band. he went to my grammar school and middle school, i was never really friends with him, though we may have had at least one friend in common named ethan payton. i went over ethan's house a few times, ethan came over my house a few times, i tried dating ethan's sister, melinda payton.

oh, i'm sure we had one other friend in common named sean george. i went over his house a few times and we played the atari 2600 there. he came over my house, also. sean didn't go to my high school, but ethan and andrew did.

in high school, andrew was in the band and chorus - he tried out for the musical our freshman year. i had no interest to be in the band or the chorus until i started going to practice for the musical. the only band/chorus person in the play before the musical was charles king, who was a senior when andrew and i were freshmen.

andrew was in my accelerated english class, he was accelerated in most school subjects, so i was not in any of his other classes. he got my "telephone repairman" role in barefoot in the park when george groom dropped out and i got the role of victor velasco. he got ambrose kemper in cabaret (i remembered that name easily), so i didn't get to do much acting with him. wait, i didn't do much acting with anyone - i was the master of ceremonies at the kit kat club.

i was familiar with andrew stollak, but i never really knew him. i don't know why i made this page.

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