people from the del val who dylan terreri (jagged little dyl) has seen around at delaware valley regional high school

well, sara bauer was in my accelerated english class as a freshman, as well as my accelerated algebra class. and earth science. i didn't know her at all, really, until i joined marching band. "this one time, at band camp," maybe it was band practice after school, i was drinking from a squeeze-bottle with a straw. sara walks up to me, hands outstretched, and just takes a really long drink. after she was done, she says "do you mind? i'm VERY thirsty," and i unbuttoned my fly. she started laughing so much, and that became our joke - at the end of the year, she wrote in my yearbook "i'll never forget the funnies damned thing ever - do you mind, i'm VERY thirsty". ha.

oh, technotronic was popular with "pump up the jam" and "get up (before the night is over)" my sophomore year, and sara used to curl her tongue over her top lip to make her lips as big as felly's (felly was the model for the group, ya kid k was the rapper).

by the end of my senior year, she didn't like me - she said "i can't respect you because you're not serious about anything," i remember those words, i guess she was disgusted by my behavior. which included walking down the hall and smoking a cigarette i got from the derelicts in the bathroom, and later blowing smoke in a busdriver's face.

well, that's my blurb about sara bauer.

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