people from the del val who dylan terreri (jagged little dyl) has seen around at delaware valley regional high school

scott cariddi and laura cariddi. well, laura cariddi is the daughter of my 8th grade teachers (mr. and mrs. ontko) and scott cariddi was the director of the fall play when i went to school. he gave me my first part in a play, which was the part of "speed" in the odd couple. i was sitting at the poker table with all of these seniors - arthur peck and dennis moninghoff and matt walsh and doug sunday and charles king. i was a little freshman.

i always had the hots for scott. scott made me hot, but i'm sure he made laura leak from her twat. ha. oh, there was a rumor that they were having an inappropriate student/teacher relationship, i remember i blurted out "laura ontko" in response to something scott said during a play-practice, he got this totally serious look on his face like he was mad and very concerned.

anyway, my "hottie scottie" directed barefoot in the park during my sophomore year - he gave me the part of the telephone repairman and the understudy for the part of victor velasco. george groom actually had the part first, but he dropped out so i got it.

he did "come blow your horn" during my junior year, i was at home being tutored until january after my "traumatic brain- injury" and i wasn't in school for the fall play. i started my junior year in january, going half-days. anyway, he did "boy meets girl" my senior, where i got the part of larry the cowboy and put on a bad performance. i actually couldn't remember the title, and searched for titles that rang a bell in a page of neil simon's plays - i guess "boy meets girl" wasn't written by neil simon, but i found it because i remembered my first line: "but what's the story about".

scott cariddi was good friends with jay durner, the band director. i fantasized thatthey were homo-lovers off and on, but durner had a wife and i'm sure it wasn't true. scott was divorced at the time.

laura ontko was in my high school freshman class, i was taught by her mom and dad in 7th and 8th grade, and we didn't become friends. when i was in 8th grade, my mom came into my history class and was yelling at mr. ontko for some reason relating to me. so i guess maybe laura heard about it and did not want to be friends with me, or maybe we just never became friends. i did a book report on stephen king's IT in english class with mrs. ontko as the teacher, it lasted for 5 days, i am sure everyone was getting sick of me. ha.

well, that's scott cariddi and laura ontko.
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