people from the del val who dylan terreri (jagged little dyl) has seen around at delaware valley regional high school

charlie king was a senior when i was a freshman. he was "king thespis," the president of the "international thespian society" at our school. he was a strong actor, he was in the band and played a strong trumpet. he was very smart, involved in many things for smart people (mock trial, mister merkel's accelerated english - or was it mr. merkle?). charles was felix ungar in the odd couple and i was a poker player named speed. we got to be friends, as i was in all the plays i could be in. he didn't wear deodorant, i guess it was a religious thing, i don't really know. he had a long mullet, my mullet was not as long as his was.

he had written me a letter in 1997, i guess just to say hi - i had the letter with me when i embarked on my trip from my apartment in bensalem (pennsylvania) to - the south. yeah, he was in nashville at the time, but i didn't go south to go to nashville. i was talking with my neuro-therapist in bensalem, dr. blash who worked at beechwood, and i decided to head to texas to try out a rehab place called tangram. i didn't stay at tangram, just talked with the people, and i was op my way home on i-20 (i think) when i saw a sign for nashville. so i went to nashville, i didn't know how i was going to find charlie, but i didn't care.

i didn't find him, but i liked nashville so much that i got involved in a head-injury rehab home - and that was a fiasco. if you click 2002 in the year dropbox, then click "dylanis morrissette" and then click "not the doctor," you'll be able to read the story by clicking "the bastard of nashville".

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