people from the del val who dylan terreri (jagged little dyl) has seen around at delaware valley regional high school

craig schneiderwind (peter was his middle name, if memory serves me correctly), was someone i knew in high school. probably the best memory my brain-injured existence has of high school, is when i slept over at the lehigh valley mall with craig and john martineau - we were there to buy tickers to madonna's blond ambition show. actually, i had tickets for june 15, 1990, but they weren't very good when the june 17th show was added, i was there.

the night we were planning to sleep over at the mall, i vaguely remember playing simcity at craig's house in upper black eddy (pennsylvania). i can't remember much of that time, given it was probably april or may and about a month before my "traumatic brain-injury" that i had on june 24. john played the trumpet and craig played the saxophone, i knew from band after i began the> oh, i won tickets to madonna's "rockumentary" called truth or dare, a year later at lisa wilson's house after prom. i asked craig and john to go, they brought sean connelly because i had four tickets, and i remember walking around the city and they were wanting to go to some kind of nude girlie-show, but i whined to craig about something and we didn't go. i should have gone, i was a party-pooper for them, i'm sure.

i remember craig shirtless under a pair of overalls. i didn't do too much fantasizing of craig, though, if at don't be expecting a plethora of sex-based thoughts on this page. "plethora," actually, is a word that sean connelly used on his yearbook quote: "to make a plethora of money," i pronounce it as "ple-THOR-a". anyway...

so, that's my page regarding craig schneiderwind.

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