people from the del val who dylan terreri (jagged little dyl) has seen around at delaware valley regional high school

dennis moninghoff was murray in "the odd couple," i was "speed". i think either dennis or murray was nicknamed "puff," i didn't really know dennis...he kind of mocked me under his breath when i said my line: "tell me, mister maverick, is this your first time on the riverboat". he mocked me because i put an emphasis on "time" - "tell me, mister maverick, is this your first TIME on the riverboat," i accented it kind of to make the line a little insult to murray's skills.

oh, a year or two after i graduated, i am quite sure that i saw dennis in milford (new jersey) when i went there for some reason. i thought it was him, but if i was confident enough to say hi (which i wasn't) then what would i say? i only knew him from the one play, my first play as an insecure freshman.

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