people from the del val who dylan terreri (jagged little dyl) has seen around at delaware valley regional high school

benny donaruma, benjamin or benedict donaruma, was a classmate of mine from 3rd grade until 8th grade. he was a "jock" and was the first to be picked for teams. i never got to be friends with him, i regarded the "jocks" as not wanting to be friends with someone who was terrible at sports, but i did invite him to my 6th grade sleepover birthday party. and he showed up.

i don't know if he'd have shown up if it wasn't a super-party of 12 or 13 people, i stepped out of my league when i invited benny donaruma and mike natiello, but they both came. it was a huge party, we watched a nightmare on elm street , and a few other movies on the vcr that my parents rented. (we didn't get one of our own until possibly 1987 - i say that because i know that "short circuit" was one of the movies we had gotten when we got the tv/cable package for christmas...and "short circuit" came out in 1986.

anyway, not much to write about benny. he was a ladies' man, even as early as 4th and 5th grade. sportsman, he was in the "A" classes, so he wasn't as smart as the "B" people (myself), but what he lacked in brains he made up for in physical ability.

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