people from the del val who dylan terreri (jagged little dyl) has seen around at delaware valley regional high school

i dream of durner.

not really, though i was somewhat attracted to him in high school. my senior year, when we were walking through the "secret" back-hallway from a door in one of the school's hallways to the instrument closet, i had a vision of making out with him. ha.

mr. durner was the band director. he directed the musicals. i was in hello, dolly as a dancing waiter and had a small role as the judge...i joined the band later my freshman year, trying to emulate charles king and his trumpet-playing abilities, and joined the marching band for the next year. at band camp for marching band, i sung "hello, dolly" in front of the camp as an "initiation" into band - i sung a few lines in high falsetto (which everyone cracked up at during the practices for the play). maybe durner got the idea to cast me as the master of ceremonies in cabaret from that. maybe i'm why he did cabaret the following year.

i didn't like practicing in front of people, singing in front of people during the practices, so a nasal "there's people here" is how he and eugene giancamilli (the music director) mocked me. it was all in fun. after my brain-trauma, my senior year, i took a stupid "music appreciation" class with mr. durner. my senior year was a product of my brain-trauma, i was on a constant "pride parade" because i felt so little and i wanted to be big. no comment from the gay peanut- gallery. :)

oh, during that class i guess i got mad or something and i went into the instrument closet. i expected someone to come in to get me, so i started masturbating. ha. nobody came in, i guess mr. durner told them not to.

that's my blurb about jay durner, he was called "the fat man" by the band people. oops, i forgot to mention that he told me that he was not going to put me in the musical if i quit marching band - he said that my senior year.

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