at 38 years old, i am the epitome of "sexy"...and of "cocky"...but i actually have a small cock

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some people that i, dylan terreri (aka "jagged little dyl"), went to del val high school with...
i like to reminisce...hey, if adams city high schhol can do it, so can i :)

when i went searching for some word on josh lane, i thought to search for the college he told me he was going to. i did, i saw that their "epitome" yearbook's text was posted online. i read about josh getting his underwear pulled down to his ankles. josh is the epitome of manly, i wonder if they named the yearbook after him. :) anyway, i guess that posting my "del val" page is like the university posting their yearbook's text.

josh lane, joshua parker lane
(first because he's the first schoolmate i wanted to write about...
...after my writing about another football hero named matthew muchnok showed up in internet searches)

seth jabour
(second because...well, he's semi-famous...but i owe his family a big THANK YOU for taking pictures of the crash-site

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