people from the del val who dylan terreri (jagged little dyl) has seen around at delaware valley regional high school

jason hessler-smith came to school with his sister, cassie hessler-smith, when i was a sophomore. he got the lead in the fall play, barefoot in the park, i got the telephone repair-man initially...but after george groom dropped out of the play i got the part of victor velasco.

for the musical, cabaret, i thought the part of the master of ceremonies would go to jason. he did not try out, dare i say that i think the director had me in mind for the part after seeing me sing "hello, dolly" falsetto in band camp.

anyway, back to jason...i know that during my senior year, he lent a porno movie to me...which my dad erased. i guess i let him down. jason introduced me to tim dugan (or tim dungan) when i came back to school after my brain-injury. i remembered tim saying "i'd be honored" after i asked him if he wanted to see a nightmare on elm street 4 with me.

anyway, back to jason...i guess i don't have many memories that stick out. sure, we had a lot of laughs during the fall play and the spring play(s) - he was the lead in the actor's nightmare (oops, i mean - what was that play called? he and erin babcox were the only two in the play...i can't remember). anyway, he was in the one play and i was a supporting role in brother versus brother, which was written by todd moyle (a senior during my sophomore year).

his sister, cassie hessler-smith, was in my psychology class during my junior year.

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