people from the del val who dylan terreri (jagged little dyl) has seen around at delaware valley regional high school

this one time, at band camp, i was totally obsessed with j.d. stem. i have a bunch of pages within my site ( that are about him, but after i was done with high school...i bought a Mets cap because "Stem" is "metS" spelled backwards. i used to get ice cream at J.D. Sundae in phillipsburg (new jersey). when i was home being tutored after i "dropped out" of high school, i made a dedicatory page for the school newspaper that was in honor of him. on mtv's "beavis and butthead," the "coach buzzcut" character reminded me of j.d. and i wanted to be a gym teacher because of coach buzzcut. i even went up to "east stroudsburg university" to inquire about becoming one.

i started signing my name "dj" instead of just "dylan" on checks and wherever i had to sign my name. j.d. stem was a wrestling star and a football star, he was a ladies' man, he was the "most ut," in the words of judy jetson.

well, that's my blurb about j.d. stem.

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