people from the del val who dylan terreri (jagged little dyl) has seen around at delaware valley regional high school

jenn kelly, fred astaire, ginger rogers - dance on air

i think jenn came to delaware valley regional high school when i was a sophomore. i don't think i ever knew who she was until the spring play. maybe the musical. she was the stage manager, i think, for one of the spring plays (not the one i was in). we had lotsa larfs on the trip to the bucks county playhouse, where we put on the plays in a competition. when "vogue" was popular that year, i said the "jenn kelly, fred astaire" line to her and she thought it was funny.

when i was in the hospital after my car crash, jenn kelly used to bring over cassette tapes that she made of her talking to me and telling me what was going on in her life. oh, how can i forget - on my 16th birthday (june 15, 1990), i went with jenn kelly and trish tilstra to see madonna's dick tracy movie at the 25th street shopping center in easton (pennsylvania). that theater wasn't the one i usually went to, but it was the only one near me that had a midnight showing of the movie on its release-date. i got a shirt at the theater - it was a special event. two days later, i'd be at the madonna blond ambition world tour in philadelphia (at the spectrum).

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