people from the del val who dylan terreri (jagged little dyl) has seen around at delaware valley regional high school

what does josh lane have to do with the creator of

josh lane was a football player in my high school - delaware valley regional high school. after my sophomore year was over, after pete serrao crashed his car and sent me flying through the windshield, after my "traumatic brain-injury," after being transferred from lehigh valley hospital to good shepard rehabilitation hospital in allentown, i was brought what i remember to be a few big pieces of paper. they were full of notes from classmates, the "get well" kind of notes.

when i was a sophomore, kelly ann seigel wrote the christmas skit in 1989 for the thespians to perform. yes, after erica cox, i was "the second freshman thespian" inducted into the international thespian society. the skit was called "christmas in the morgue," and i had a line where i said "i bludgeoned myself to death with a waffle iron". well, i bring that up because what josh wrote on those "get well" posters was "bludgeon anyone with a waffle iron lately?".

i did not know josh, i had never spoken to him, but this big and strong, manly and hairy-chested football player acknowledging me probably made my day. i'm not sure if i knew who he was, i must've been somewhat familiar, but i venture to guess that his acknowledgement of me made me think that he did not think he was as "above" me as i thought i was "below" athletes like him. "below" as in "lesser" or "not as good".

so, i came to school in january of my junior year. josh was a senior. i had always been acting in the plays, so naturally i tried out for the spring plays. josh got a part in the spring play i was not in, so i didn't get to work with him. i guess i talked to him now and then, and by that summer i had asked if he wanted to see a movie with me. we saw "dying young" with julia roberts, i think at the lehigh valley mall. i think it was "terminator 2" that we were going to see, when i was in utmost reverence of his manliness. he basically told me not to put him on a pedestal, he basically told me to love myself enough to be on the pedestal. he didn't say "be the man of your dreams," but that's how i come to regard what he was telling me.

i told him that i didn't want to go to the movie, i felt rejected. our "friendship" didn't last very long. let me just say that josh lane, joshua parker lane (if memory serves me correctly), must have been the best friend i had back then. it is because of josh that the little brain-damaged 16 year-old homosexual has grown into the gay-bashing preacher of self-love and self-respect that i am today.

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