people from the del val who dylan terreri (jagged little dyl) has seen around at delaware valley regional high school

scott savarese, who went by "sav," i became friends with by (at most) the forth grade. i had come to lester d. wilson school as a 3rd grader, i probably became friends with him in the 3rd grade, but i'm not sure. in grade school, i considered him to be my best friend, though i don't think he thought of me that way. he didn't invite me over to his house as much as i asked him to my house.

when he slept over, we made "cover forts" with the ends of blankets from my bed being secured to different pieces of furniture so that they made a ceiling to the fort we crawled around in. we went all the way in the wooded section of my backyard and made real forts with rocks and shingles and stuff.

we watched "friday night videos" on one of the network channels. i remember seeing "i'm still standing" by elton john (with all the painted people). i had an obsession with michael jackson and "thriller" back then, we tried breakdancing in his basement - and michael jackson's "huevo" move (i remember seeing the "toe stand" he did in a breakdance book and it was called the "huevo".

by 6th grade, seth jabour came into our school - we both became friends with seth, and i think that's when scott started to move away from me. oh, we stayed friends...but by 9th grade, he was in football and two of his football teammates (dean rummell or dean rummel and jim ribar or jim rebar) sat on his right in earth science class...and i sat on his left. we drifted apart.

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