people from the del val who i've seen around at delaware valley regional high school

i was friends with seth jabour in grammar school and high school, though more in grade school - let me quote the movie called stand by me and say "it happens sometimes, friends go in and out of your life like busboys at a restaurant".

i am devoting a subdomain to seth, as i've done for josh lane, not because seth had as an instrumental role in my life as josh did...though it was sarah (his sister) and joanne (his mom) who took a picture of a tree's branches hiding the stop sign which caused my "traumatic brain-injury" and won me lotsa money)...but because he's in a band called les savy fav. let it be known that i, dylan terreri, am somewhat jealous. this website is my band and it is not well-known at all.

i saw beetlejuice at seth's house during his birthday party, if memory serves me correctly. he let me see his playboy/penthouse collection, i went to the neshaminy mall with him and bought the bangles' everything album when it was new in 1988. which was the latter half of 8th grade, he had come to the alexandria township school district in what was probably our 6th grade year...or maybe 5th.

i guess i have made a lot of pages now and then relating to seth, as i've done to a lot of my old friends, so do a "site search" for "seth" and you'll find something.

anyway, though i tried to keep it hidden, i think he knew i was a masculivoid who couldn't find anything legitimately masculine in himself and who therefore searched for the "perfect specimen of manhood" in other people. i remember when i dated melinda or chrissy, someone said "i bet dylan's balls are aching" about when one of our classmates said something r-rated to me, and seth says "i bet dylan's BRAIN is aching". i guess he meant i didn't know what to do in the presence of females.

his sister, sarah jabour, was in the chorus, which i joined my sophomore year after i got the part of the emcee in "cabaret". she loved barbara streisand, i guess as much as nanny fine did, and sarah also was dating peter serrao (my ride from kelly o'brien's graduation party to the delaware river...and the one who didn't see the aforementioned stop sign, crashing and throwing us both through the windshield). well, that's how seth relates to my car wreck. i searched for him to email him a "thank you" note, after i got my 2010 lump sum and i felt blessed enough to thank someone. he didn't stay in contact with me, i guess because he saw my site, since i emailed from facebook (my profile picture has my website's address on it).

check out my site, , unless you're there now