people from the del val who dylan terreri (jagged little dyl) has seen around at delaware valley regional high school

while i am reminiscing about my high-school friends, i guess i'll bring up stef janin. just thinking of her makes me laugh. "i want to ... ROMP" and the "we're two great tastes that taste great together" rap. she was such a sexually-based enigma. i went to see billy joel with her and my sister (laurel) and stef's boyfriend (jeremy). that was in early 1990, when i was a sophomore, but ever since being in delaware valley regional high school's production of "hello, dolly" during my freshman year, i was hooked.

i made a song parody of twisted sister's "i wanna rock" and called it "i wanna romp," it's here at my site and it's at i told her that i always regarded "romp" as another word for having sex, she thought it was funny, so "i want to ... ROMP" was funny to say to each other.

jay durner and eugene giancamilli did the musicals at the school, stef was close with them, as she was the drum-majorette and she was a top singer in chorus. i was victor velasco in barefoot in the park, after george groom dropped out, and stef was his love-interest. i seem to remember laughing so much in the wings of the stage, i always was cracking up when i was around stef. we were as sexually-themed as prince was a sex-fiend - "i'm talking 'bout...i'm talking 'bout... SEXUAL temptation".

one of erin babcox's lines in the play was "i'm buying a big dog tomorrow" - and i said to stef "i'm buying a BIG i can FUCKIT". yes, "FUCKIT" was basically one word. oh, and the hole in the skylight...jason and erin were arguing about a hole in the skylight. "it's a little hole," erin said, and i guess i was in the wings with stef when she said, "it's a little hole" and we both started laughing. gosh, i guess that's what poison meant when they said "talk dirty to me". maybe i should so a parody.

anyway, stefanie janin and i were such perverts together. i guess i was corrupted by prince and his sexually-explicit collection of songs...well, prince and madonna. i don't know how stef got that way, but we sure had lotsa larfs.

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