people from the del val who dylan terreri (jagged little dyl) has seen around at delaware valley regional high school

ms. wernoch was my biology teacher during my sophomore year, 1989-1990. she was petite and pretty in the way that stevanne lusk was when i went to the annapolis head-injury clinic. the "woodlot" project was the big project towards the end of the year, it still pains me that i never paid lisa wilson (who was in my group) for doing and handing in my part of the project. i was going to the theater competition and i asked lisa to do whatever i couldn't finish. sorry, lisa. i said "sorry" to micki allen, as well, for grabbing her ass during prom like i thought was supposed to be done because i was reminded of a movie i saw where the man had his hands on the girl's ass during prom.

oh, back to miss wernoch. she made a video of everybody doing their "woodlot" projects with wilson phillips' song "hold on" playing in the background. i walked up to her after class and told her that it was a nice thing to do. my parents told me that she told them that she appreciated it, i think she told them after my car wreck/brain-trauma.

that's my blurb about my biology teacher.

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