in cranberry township, i have been banned from petsmart because of the letters of complaint that i have written. i have been banned from dollar bank, from citizens bank, from huntingdon bank...from the green valley veterinary hospital (that's not in cranberry, it's in new brighton). i don't do it intentionally, i swear, i simply write letters of complaint - and i get banned.

alright, maybe my letters of complaint are as explicit as "2 live crew" was in 1989, i guess i do regard it as a badge of honor when i am banned from places. rape rooms, hannibal lecter, bloody vaginas, sexism and letters can get as nasty as janet jackson.

what's so intimidating about bloody vaginas, it's nothing unheard of, vaginas bleed out an egg every month. egg-bleeding vaginas. and what's so bad about rape-rooms, we're embracing islam.

i wish i had saved all of the letters i'd gotten from these companies. the only one i have is the one from green valley veterinary hospital, i had just recently received it. damn it, i should have saved them all.

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