my name is dylan terreri. here's a page of blabber, call it a 'blog,' that i'm going to post in a (newly created) 'dylinda tripp' section of my 2013 menu.

it is almost the end of january. i have no 'dyanne frank' diary-section of my 2013 menu, no "dylinda tripp," i have no 'dylboard hits," i have no 'dylimbaugh,' all i have are a bunch of essays (letters of complaint, mostly) and a few updates on my life. oh, i did add a 'delaware valley regional high school 1988-1992' section where i feature some of the people i went to school with.

i am angry at the casino because the only gambling problem i have stems from my not winning enough. i am angry at my libido because the only sexual addiction i have stems from porn being online and easy to see. actually, i could tie my porn "addiction" to my gambling "addiction," just to say that i was born this way. who's to say that i wasn't, who's to say that i was not born a gambler? it's true that a newborn dylan had no way of understanding what a slot-machine was (and what kind of excitement it could give to him), but a newborn dylan also had no way of understanding what a man was...take that, mindless disciples of mindless gaga.

oh, i have josh lane's facebook page bookmarked. josh lane is my hero - one would think that his lecture to me a year after my "traumatic brain-injury" is the cause of this anti-gay website. he told me to love myself, he told me not to put other men on pedestals - not to tell him that he was "such a perfect specimen of manhood," but to think of myself in that way. (that "perfect specimen" line was a quote from rocky horror).

anyway, somewhere i read that josh is 5 or 6 years older than me. that's odd, he was only one grade above me. i also read that cassie hessler-smith (the sister of jason hessler-smith, who i had been in plays with) was a year younger than me. which is weird, because she was a senior when i was a junior in psychology class. she must've skipped a grade (or two) - i don't doubt it, she is a psychologist with a phd...or psyd...hmn.

i don't go spying on people i went to school with. er, maybe i do. well, i usually look them up online if i start writing about them on my "del val" page. i just pick random people mostly, i started with josh because his short friendship had the most influence upon my life. he didn't want to be friends with me after i put him on a pedestal (and compromised my own masculine own sense of masculine self-worth).

what else should i write about? i have had meat loaf's half-finished "i'd do anything for love (but i won't do that)" parody waiting to be finished for weeks. it's on my windows desktop. i called it "i'd do anything for love (but i won't do blacks)". ha.

speaking of josh lane, wow, he looks nothing like what he looked like in high school. in college, even, wow what a man. i saw a picture of him from years ago on his college's website (he told me that he was going to a semi-local college, i guess he transferred to the one down south afterwards), he had one of those girly "bernice bobs her hair" haircuts. still, though, whatta man. i remember mrs. ontko talking about "bernice bobs her hair" in english class.

i've been writing lots of complaint-letters. i have been coming to terms with the use of hyphens, as well...i don't think you use hyphens to join adjectives and nouns - i think you use them to join a noun used as an adjective before another noun, as in " man-cave". i guess hyphens are used to join a adjective and a noun to describe another noun, as in "black-tie affair". i have been overusing hyphens, i was thinking that i used them too much, and this realization slowly came to me. you're a dick-lick, you're not a dick-licker. though if you were chinese then i'd refer to you as a chinese dick-licker...because if i referred to you as a chinese dick licker, i'd be saying that you licked chinese dicks.

though getting into my scuba-suit ("scuba" is a noun meant to describe another noun, therefore i use a hyphen) only takes 4-5 minutes (with the undersuit or under-suit, 3 pairs of socks, the scuba-suit, the booties, the gloves, the hood), this preparation time (preparation-time?) still keeps me from being in the pool as much as i am when i can just get off of my bed and jump into the water. the greenhouse keeps the water relatively warm, i remember i swam naked through october...maybe i can start again in mid-march. i don't like the wombs who work at green valley veterinary hospital. i wrote a letter that showed up online to a few news organizations, the letter was about a workforce of 13 vaginas and 0 men, and i get a letter from a pittsburgh lawyer named scott leah which said i can no longer go there without being arrested. the letter said i made false and defamatory statements, but all i did was give my opinion that 13 wombs + 0 men = sexism. all i did was belittle the female gender as a gender full of masculine wannabees. eat this: "if a woman can do anything a man can do, then why are there gender-based sports teams and gender-based military requirements, gender-based "hot dog eating" competitions, gender-based olympic evens, yet no gender-based spelling-bees?

i quit my online gambling memberships about a month ago. about a week ago, i reinstated one and asked for "free play" (i didn't use a hyphen there because i think quotes are best for something resembling, casino-talk), but i didn't put money in. i put money into another casino, $300 over 2 days, but i learned that i shouldn't have assumed that i wouldn't have to fax any utility-bills (noun-noun) or drivers' license (noun-noun, but it's possessive like "dylan's pathology") or bank-documents (noun-noun) in. i assume that i wouldn't have to because they accepted my credit card (which probably should be hyphenated) for a deposit, but i still have to fax things in if i want to withdraw. curses, foiled again.

no more online gambling, even in the one account that i reinstated - who wants to wait a week or two to get winnings approved and money wired? not me. no more online gambling. is "online" an adjective? it think online was once hyphenated, before america online, so on-line gambling looks right. internet gambling, though "internet" is a noun and "gambling" is a noun, so it's probably internet-gambling. gambling in a casino is casino-gambling, gambling in a tuxedo is "tuxedo-gambling," i guess, because "tuxedo gambling" would probably leave a few groomsmen naked. (insert nanny fine's laugh)

i hate how some words are almost spelled identically but they do not rhyme. i am having a hard time remembering words i have problems with...diner, liner, liver - that's one. timing, riding, biding, living - that's another. if living rhymes with giving and not diving or biding or riding, then why isn't it spelled "livving" or pronounced "lie-ving". lover, cover, dover - dover is a town in new jersey that rhymes with the dog's name 'rover'. i can't stand it, it's like people pronoucing BOEHNER like the name has an A or an AY in it. it is very frustrating, it makes me mad enough to want to kill "yo' mama". (ha, no comment from the peanut gallery).

that's what madonna said in 1984, in response to naming her album "like a virgin".

ZIP YOUR LIPS, SLAP YOUR BUTTS TO THE SEAT AND LISTEN HAAAARD. that's from "police academy 3," maybe 2. 3 was the first one i saw on cable, so i am pretty sure it was three. yeah, i'm totally sure.

i guess i am finished for now.

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