tuesday, march 05, 2013

one policeman and two mental health men came to my house today. i didn't know which of my letters that they got a complaint about, not until he started reading the letter. having nothing to go on until he started reading the letter, i was clueless and trying to justify my innocence.

when he read the letter, i justified my innocence just as i did in the letter. something like this: "if the big bang theory gives its audience about taking a class on (and i quote) '100 ways to rip a guys' nuts off,' then i need a class telling me 100 ways to rip a wombn's mammary glands off". the letter is here.

i was scared when i saw a police car in the driveway after the doorbell rang. i was scared because i didn't know what they were here for. they wouldn't tell me who they got a tip from, but i was circulating the essay-in-question about 3 weeks ago...so it couldn't have been seen as that big of a deal.

this is a notch on my bedpost. one of the mental-health workers, big white man with black hair and black eyes, is so invited into bed with me.

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