saturday, november 9th

daddy's gonna pay for your crashed car.

i slid on the rain last saturday when i was coming home from lunch, and i sort of crashed into either "the hill at the side of the road" or "the club at the end of the street". ha, just a little elton john reference to complement my u2 reference. anyway, my car tipped over and landed on its side. my window broke and i was able to slide out. i cut my arm crawling over the glass when i was sliding out the window, but i got out. soon after, a lady named belinda was driving up and was very worried until she saw that i was fine.

anyway, i had full-coverage and the insurance company is going to give me either $2100 or $2400, so i went to the auto-auction today with larry. larry had done the auto-auction before, and i got an suv worth about $5000 for $2100 plus all the fees. it is LOADED with awesome stuff. i can control the stereo's volume, radio station and possibly songs on a cd from the steering wheel as well as from the stereo. i can control my garage-door opener from buttons on the front-ceiling of the car (it's hard to figure out how to get it programmed, despite instructions in the manual). there's the temperature and the direction i am driving in displayed on the little screen above the garage-door opener. it's v8, but it seems to get a lot better gas-mileage than the explorer i crashed which was also a v8. it's got 2 cigarette lighters up front and 1 in the back, which will accomodate a/c adapters. oh, it's got 2 memory-buttons that remember the position of the driver's seat as well as the position of both of the door-mirrors as well as 10 radio presets. so 1 button can be my settings and one can be larry's if he ever drives it.

the only problem with it is that it leaks some kind of fluid, this was discovered after i bought it (you have to expect some imperfections if you're buying at the auction). i think larry said it leaked transmission-fluid, but even if that costs a few hundred to fix, the car was a steal. the one larry was standing next to and talking to while they were bidding, he also said so. we went there yesterday and wrote down which cars were good for we knew whcih cars to pay attention to. i didn't want to go over $2200, because there was one on their actual car-lot for $2200 that i wouldn't have minded having. it was quite an experience, i remember looking at the clock - around 13 cars were sold in the first 25 minutes. you should have heard the first auctioneer, he was talking a mile-a-minute. i'm trying to remember more fun stuff on the inside of the car. oh, it's got a "low" setting for four-wheel drive, as well as an "auto". it is the most exciting car i have ever owned or even been in.

so many settings like "leave headlights on for x number of seconds after car is turned off" and "move seat back upon exit" and - oh, a free turkey was given as a surprise with some cars...i got one. there are so many settings, i don't know them all.

this car is amazing. it drives well, too.