thursdayy, november 14th

close encounters of the bankrupt kind

i put in $100 either today, november 14th, or yesterday. i got to $300, then $400, then $950...that's when i stopped. oh, i must've done it yesterday, because i was ADAM ANT about stripping. er, no, i was adamant about not reversing the withdrawal.

i reversed the $950 today around 5 or 5:30, and i played for 6 hours. i got up to $1800 and i kept playing. i got down to $900 and then into the $800s...and then i got free spins in the t-rex slot - with a $2.50 bet. i was in the $800s and one of those free spins shot the win up around $1000. on a $2.50 bet. i have NEVER had anything like that happen. that's around 400 times the bet. needless to say, i cashed out with my $1930. i just have to wait 5-10 days for them to approve the withdrawal, during which i cannot reverse the withdrawal because i want the money a.s.a.p...and i don't want to try to win more by risking it.

the cashout of $1930 is the biggest i've had since i started virtual casinos in 2012., and the t-rex win of around $1000 is definitely the most i have won during free spins. oh, i won about $8000 during free spins (i can't remember which game) when the bet was $100, but on t-rex i was only betting $2.50 and i won 400 times the amount of the bet.

the only other time i ended up with a cashout of $2000 or more, was when i first started virtual casinos and i got a 400% bonus with my $250 deposit, so i had $1250 to play with. the "playthrough" required was 30 times the bonus and the deposit. i set my "robotask" program to press the spacebar every 5 or 10 seconds, the bet was set at 20 cents, it was running all day long. by nighttime, i had $4000 in the balance, i remember i had over $6000 once, and i got $2500 after they took the 30x out of my winnings. i cannot believe this, i have never seen anything like this. if i bet $100 and got 400 times the bet, i'd have $40,000.

i have never seen one spin of just $2.50 result in anything near $1000. i bet $100 once and got !1000 on free spins. but $2.50?! wow. i started playing at this casino on october 26th, my deposits may be approaching $2000, so i got everything back that i put in. i can't help but think that this wasn't random. i have gotten back almost exactly what i lost during one other slot-adventure. it can't be coincidence.

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