monday, september 14

hmn, september 14th at 1:05 in the afternoon. i should make my room a shrine with pictures of jeb blazavich all over my walls. speaking of shrines, i had two or three madonna posters in my room as a boy. one prince, one freddy krugar...i can't remember others, but i am sure there were others.

my room wasn't really a shrine brimming with posters of madonna or anyone else, but it'd be arousing if i had pictures of blazavich all over my walls. blazavich in various states of undress. wow. fuck me, blazavich, with your long, strong cock that's down to get the friction on. i'm so horny, i must make this room a shrine.

speaking of shrines, my dad was a big fan of the beatles when he was in his (matchbox) twenties. he had a lot of records and memorabilia. oh, oh, this one time - at band camp...ha. this one time in annapolis, i was so proud to have done all of my christmas shopping online (this was december 1996 and i had only been online since january), and i bought my dad an "abby road" framed poster of the beatles.

from the beatles to blazavich...abby road to masturbating with football greats...1996 to 2013. wow. i won't start reminiscing about days gone by...i did that a number of times before on this site. i have to urinate.

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