my penis curves to the right, and i want it to be straight. i have been masturbating with my left hand and bending the tip of my penis to the left. i make myself masturbate so that i can bend my penis.

i've been reading how diet soda contributes to one's belly. i have a huge belly for a thin-boned (dare i say "skinny") man - i don't care that i am 39, i should not have a belly.

there are diet soda cans all over my floor, all over my car, all over the house. i am quitting diet soda for 10 days, detoxifying my body for 10 days, in hopes of losing at least 6 pounds like the other detoxifiers did.

i love to masturbate with shampoo or conditioner on my hand. since i was a boy, i usually have always humped the mattress, but feeling my hand with the cool shampoo all over my penis is awesome. i'm hard just thinking of the feeling, putting my hand all over my penis. with all that cool shampoo. oh, my...and bending it - i "smack it up, flip it, rub it down," it's all to straighten out my penis.

i feel like jim levinstein. hold on, i have to get the shampoo...

alright, i'm done. i don't know if it's going to work, bending my dick to the left to even-out the slope to the right, but i guess i'll see. i maintain that it got this way by my humping the bed while laying on my left side, so naturally i'm going to think i can bend it in the opposite direction.

anyhoo, no more soda. i'm going to throw the rest of the coke zero soda away. i was thinking of getting a water- cooler in my room so that i could always have water to drink. i don't eat all that much junk, i think that my unflat stomach must be because of the soda. from the carbonation (which i have read is a catalyst to weight-gain, to the body mistakenly thinking it's getting nutrients that sugar delivers. to everything else i have read.

i'm going to give up on soda for 10 days and then see what happens. i'll just drink water.

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