monday, september 3

this is kind of my second "american pie" moment. the first one is shown as a diary/video from a link on the page you get when you click my naked pic that's up top.

my second "american pie" moment is reminiscent of everyone at school cheering and laughing at jim the day after everyone saw his encounter with nadia via his webcam. i get the feeling that it wasn't just my mother who the fbi talked to, i think they talked to my neighbors...i think word has been getting around. i think i'm infamous around these here parts, boy!

i guess it started on may 31st, i was in the casino and i got a call from a therapist i've been seeing since 2007 (when i thought that i was going to get in trouble for something i wrote). wow, for years he's been talking to everyone from policemen to the fbi - assuring them that i am not a threat to anyone. well, he called when i was in the casino and he told me to go to a hospital's emergency room - he was dead serious. i guess they would have come to my house and taken me to a hospital against my will if my therapist wasn't involved.

it was all because of my "" page. i'd been seeing all of these "elect duane rape" signs on roads and and buildings, i thought that the name was funny, and i made an "" website which had a link to and - well, i can't say much besides it was offensive to members of the lesser gender. wait, i'll just link to the page - ELECT DUANE RApE.

so, the fbi came to my house because of that around the beginning of june. hmn, i think secret service only came to my apartment in nashville (2000) when i had my page involving hillary clinton. i don't remember what was on it, i think my infamous "sex with a carving knife" comment was not regarding hillary was probably for the whoever ran the national organization for wannabees. ok, women, but women are all masculine-wannabees (how many times have you heard "a woman can do anything a man can do" yet seen nothing relevant at the gym or in the olympics? they can only do "anything a man can do" if the bar is lowered).

anyhoo, the fbi and/or police came because of the police and a hospital employee came in response to my posting or emailing this letter, which portrayed me as a nutjob who was scared of "strong" women who can't budge a 100-pound barbell. i threw a hissy-fit over penny speaking of a class called "100 ways to rip a man's nuts off" on "the big bang theory".

i posted a lot of my letters (i call them "essays") on websites using the "comment with facebook" link on some sites. i posted a lot of them using my "abby blazavich" profile. which is actually my drag-name, but the real "abby blazavich" saw my postings and once again the fbi and the police were involved. my therapist told me that abby saw my page which says that anyone looking like a transvestite or a transsexual should not be on the police-force as a role-model for children. i guess my therapist said that abby saw the page and blew it off, but that she became concerned when she read my other essays. she was concerned for her safety. enter fbi. ha. "you can't keep doing this when we have important things to focus on like terrorism," is what one fbi man said. let me take a lyric from "parents just don't understand" right here: "but it wasn't my FAULT!". it's not my fault that the fbi is called on account of a little vagina who's scared of her own shadow...her own egg-bleeding menstrual-cycle.

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