sunday, september 8

it was funny, kind of inspired by "who's that girl," when madonna needs a cab and screams in a man's face to startle him so she can take his cab.

these three little girls, maybe 7-10 years old, are always walking on my street. whenever they see my car approaching, they start to run (as if their parents warned them about me and of all the fbi/police visits i've had. maybe parents are warned of my writings and kids are instructed to stay away from me.

i don't know why they run, but once i got into my garage, i may have stubbed my toe because i let out the loudest scream of anger. i didn't know what to say - i didn't want to take the lord's name in vain, but i thought "gosh darn it" would sound too fake. so i screamed the real expression and saw in my rear-view that they were still standing there. i was a little disappointed, but after two or three seconds they started running away - all at once like a bunch of deer when somebody approaches them.

my mom doesn't want to be around me. she complained that i taunt people - she was talking about my wearing a "cleveland browns" cap all the time in pittsburgh (cleveland browns are hated by steelers fans).

i taunt abby blazavich, the policevagina who sent the police or fbi to my house when she read some of the stuff that i posted with a facebook account in her name (stupid vagina, it's not her name exclusively). well, i made a domain in her name ( and i wrote pages on with "abby" being the last word of a paragraph and with "blazavich" being the first word in the next paragraph. this shows up in google as "abby blazavich". ha. if she doesn't want me using her name, i won't use her name.

i taunt people by wearing underwear out in public, i taunt them because they don't want to see men in the same lack of clothes that vaginas everywhere wear. if they complain, if i am thrown out of a store, i write to the headquarters and let them know. i've written to so many headquarters, i'm sure the word is getting around about me. i've been doing this for 4 or 5 years.

i wanna push you around (well i will, well i will)

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