i hump the bed, i roll over and put the keyboard on my lap, then continue on with life. "horny don't matter 2night"

once i'm hard then i'm getting schooled by fucking my king-sized bed
cuz whether i will please my mattress or dudes, my nightstick gets its wish
that's why i never, ever have to fuck to feel so great and right
i'm just pushing it and staining my un...derwear, HORNY don't matter 2night

HORNY don't matter tonight, it sure doesn't matter any day
cuz when i cream i think "aw, what the fuck" - that's when i get up and drive away
that's when my life is righteous and i'm not wasting more of my free time
cuz HORNY doesn't matter anyday, and it sure don't flatter my life

took me some two whole decades to tell me jizzum just ain't cool
oh, i get off, you try to find a partner - that's more "less time" for you, sir
all your time's spent naked under covers, getting branded as "sex fiend" - nice life
seems like the only thing that you can do is just go rely on da...ting

HORNY don't matter in life, it's more-less a matter of the brain
cuz men don't need their cocks spawning their cum, not when their focus is on somethang
not with their minds on some unselfish thought making not their boners rise
cuz HORNY doesn't matter anyday, and it sure's no matter of pride

gays now faking esteem right when they're screaming to get some wild shock and awe
oh, such is queer - they're trolling for the boy'll give their thirsts a wild ride til dawn
a whore's life is what they all live for, well, whores' minds aren't much to grasp
everything to them sure is a filler til their wild sex comes 'round at last
(and who's creeping into mass?)

HORNY so flatters gays' "pride" - the tawdry are calling Christ their mate
just when you think you've found halls of His love, that's when gay rights come and penetrate
that's when you find out that you're better off praying all at home each night
cuz horny trolls have to church-invade, and they sure don't flatter j. christ
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