"my mother derives sustenance from criticizing everything in my life" - maxwell sheffield

so many people on the gay-chat sites, as well as everywhere else, search for fun and good times in every place but themselves.

whether or not it's related to my website, i am doing something on the computer all day long. i love me, i love to be around me, i love to do what i do every minute that i'm doing it. i do not need a break from reality or from life, i don't need or want to go watch a movie or to go anywhere at all. alright, casinos are all i do that would be considered "fun," but i go to casinos to earn money.

(no comment from the peanut gallery)

i psyche myself by exercising in my pool, i psyche myself when i write for my website, but i also eat and sleep. i get about as much excitement from eating and sleeping as i do from the casino. they're all just things i feel that need to be done, kinda like masturbation, but i am really where i want to be when i am maintaining my website or writing offensive material to those who have offended me with anything pro-feminist or pro-gay. didn't madonna say something like "justify my fun"...well, i will. that sounds like matchbox 20.

didn't josh lane say to justify my self-love by being the best? well, i will/well, i will.

there's something wrong with my world, you say there's no bold fun in it
something's wrong with my life
you're really thin...king that dylan's way is not so winning, still
you bore yourself each night

i'm living with no friends
you're living through your friends
my thrills come through my pen
you thrill through someone else

there's something wrong with my world, you say my life won't ever win
there's help now for my mind
if you can't love your life, man, if it does rely on friends
then mister, you're not very self-reli(ant)

i'm swimming with a friend (who's my bestest friend - it's all me)
living on the web (with the bestest friend of all)
living to offend (i can't stop my cyber-scorning)
living with no friends

tell me what you think about my situation
complicated? aggravating? it's getting to you...
your pissy-little level of self-love is tawdry
speaking of self-loving, if you will stop crawling back to friends
to get a good life, then your head will amend and you'll never depend
get a grip!

there's something right with my world today, but everybody's told it's wrong
as they watch t.v. shows, both at the gym and home
oh, such self-flattery makes them strong

living through their friends (dudes can't help themselves from failing)
thinking through a lens (cues from tel-vis sets and all)
watching actors live (cues from tel-vis sets and all)
filtered through a script

you're living through your friends
you can't tend to self
you can't tend to self

living through your friends (dudes can't help themselves from failing)
living through what's big (cues from def-jam and recordings)
living through self is (truly very not alluring)
living through someone else
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