hmn. just to keep my spirits up, i guess i'm gonna do a parody of phil collins' "father to son". i really like the album this song came from, entitled "...but seriously". from spring 1990's "do you remember" and how i later related my broken friendships to it, to early 1990's "i wish it would rain down" and how i later related my broken friendships to it, to spring 1990's "something happened on the way to heaven" and how i later related my broken friendships to it ("how many times can i say i'm sorry").

as i've written on the "blond date with madonna" video page, the spring of 1990 will always be the time of my life.

i was gonna do "father to son" with josh lane in mind as my masculine role-model, but i'm just gonna do it to keep my spirits up. hmn, as i write this, it's looking like "Father to son," rather than "father to son". ha.

somewhere down the road you're gonna find a place
you'll reach the stars like you said you will
and you won't feel ashamed cuz you'll be doing things ev'ry day

sometimes you may feel more a lonely son
cuz all the things you thought would stay, ooh, now they're gone
but you won't be unknown, just writing things in parodies of songs
mocking who have scorned the lord above

and to mind your heart, you'd best uncover it
just best to fuck their worlds, be not embracing sin
show them what is wrong by burning their false gods so good, man
pee on their false gods and don't look back
they've got to overcome, so get them mad

if your heart is speaking sass to the antichrist
and they don't know what to say but curse for spite
you know you're getting through,
you get them thinking what they're not used to

don't be nice - leave them feeling hurtful pain
good manners, they're gonna shit on each day anyway
and you must disrespect ev'ry man and lesser genders, yes
i'll always be with you, don't forget
just look over your prose, man, i am there

if you look inside you, i have been there
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