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dear sir or vagina:


we hear the word "bigot" following "anti-gay" almost as much as we hear "woman" following the word "strong". it's like the thought-police want us to put each set of words together automatically and without thought.

now, let's put aside the fact that the lackluster physical make-ups of members of the little gender (the shorter/smaller/weaker gender) will always make a complete and total oxymoron out of the term "Strongwoman," just so we can focus on the term "anti-gay bigot". has anyone given any thought to the fact that the ones who usually utter this term are actually pro-gay bigots whose minds are totally closed-off to anything that puts homosexuality in a bad light? they are as hell-bent PRO-GAY as i am hell-bent ANTI-GAY.

pro-gay bigots run amuck in the media, just as much as the "strong women" who can't budge a 100-pound barbell. pro-gay bigots have even gone to the ridiculous extreme of editing the bible to take out every negative reference to homosexuality. now, aside from making gays seem weak enough to fall in the face of criticism, making edits of the most famous book of all time sounds quite orwellian. "you VILL not have any problems vith homosexuality, and you vill LIKE IT".

why don't pro-gay bigots make edits to the seven deadly sins - let's get PRIDE and LUST out of there and save a little more face. oh, i guess they've probably already done that.

actually, call me a bad christian, but i am one to find fault with anyone who has to get their anti-gay attitudes from any god's bible or from any other outside source, because anyone who doesn't see anything self-compromising and self-disrespecting in a "man" staring open-mouthed and wide-eyed-curious at another man has no sense of gender-identity. to borrow a phrase from a brilliantly-radiant (pun intended) stephen king novel, let me say that the respect i have for myself as a man is "all shot to shit" if i'm gawking at another masculine body. i am man enough to realize that i'm a masculivoid when i'm gawking in utmost reverence at another man's body, and it is a self-esteem issue to leave oneself feeling a void for masculinity when masculinity is what one's self IS...and has been since birth.

we don't need no bible to tell us what's wrong with homosexuality.

pro-gay bigots are so hell-bent in their close-mindedness, that they want people to buy into the whole "born this way" propaganda so that nobody has the nerve to question the legitimacy of homosexuality. i am one to believe that nobody can be "born with" an emotional desire for (or a psychological dependence on) anything, because the brain that spawns anyone's emotional desires and psychological dependences has nothing to base them on when it has just left the womb. speaking of having nothing to base anyone's sense of reality on, one would think that anyone who maintains that "a woman can do anything a man can do" must've also just been born. eureka, what do people mean when they say "do you think i was born yesterday" - they mean "do you think i have no knowledge of the world around me". come to think of it, anyone who says "do you think i was born yesterday" is homophobic because they're actually belittling people who haven't internalized their own gender's identity.

pro-gay bigots are so hell-bent in their close-mindedness that they always have something to prove to anyone who rejects their close-mindedness. what do you think "gay pride" is, and why should it so easily spawn the question "what are you trying to prove" - gay people, let's call them activists, have so much spite for and rage against reality that they should all be named mary (as in "mary, mary, quite contrary").

let me elaborate on gays' spite for reality, just for a minute or two. "aids is not a gay disease," that one just popped into my head as a mark of gays' spite for reality. i made a lot of t-shirts back in 1999, when i first started my website, and one of the designs was "aids is not a gay disease...just please don't justify its epidemic status". hmn, how else are gays spiteful towards reality? well, there's the aforementioned rewrite of the bible. and there's the gay "man" (i have to put "man" in quotes when referring to a masculivoid) who had an embryo implanted inside of him. all of this is spite for reality. when it all comes down, i guess that nose-jobs are really spite for reality, though a pregnant "man" would be more of a spite, seeing that it's totally unnatural and unintended and impossible without hormones, surgical implants and i don't know (or care) what else that must be done to a man's body to accommodate an embryo. likewise, a sex-change operation is spite for reality - i realize that the devil's advocate would compare the sex-change operation to a nose-job operation, but when one thinks of everything entailed in a sex-change, not excluding daily hormones (hormones...don't "strong women" get testosterone-injections?), it's a much bigger deal. a much bigger slap in reality's face. it is not meant to be because it isn't naturally-occurring.

let me play "devil's advocate" and say that i should not have had a corneal-transplant surgery because it was not naturally-occurring and it was a spite against reality. i could say that people should not have hair-transplants, yeah, but my corneal transplant was necessary when both a hair-transplant and a gender-transplant isn't. i guess changing anything about oneself is all a matter of the importance one places on what's going to be changed. if he doesn't think highly enough of himself as a man, he's going to either get a sex-change or a boyfriend to make himself complete. if he doesn't think highly enough of himself as a fat man, he's going to go on a diet to make himself content. if he doesn't think highly enough of himself as a football player, he's going to find another hobby. if he doesn't think highly enough of america, the nigger's going to try to dhange it.

that gets us back to the contemptuous bigot who is totally closed-off to opposition. now, gays aren't the only ones who have contempt for reality. as i mentioned in passing not long ago, any little female who deliberately gives herself mens' hormones is contemptuous of her physical abilities paling in comparison to mens'. which brings me to another type of bigot - gosh, my brain is as "all over the place" as the bangles were in 1984.

the quintessential "male chauvinist pig," made famous by dabney coleman in a movie also starring the biggest tits i've ever seen, has been replaced in today's society by the "female chauvinist pig". like gay people are pro-gay bigots, feminists are not pro-woman as much as they are pro-woman bigots. this is why i have so much rage against them - it's why i disrespect them by referring to them as vaginas. my disrespect towards vaginas has nothing to do with my being a masculivoid, it has everything to do with pro-woman bigots. i should do a parody of the spin doctors' "little miss can't be wrong" and call it "little miss can't do wrong". that describes the mentality of a pro-woman bigot. i say "fuck you" to all of them, and my elaboration is my website - and the essays on that website. quite like the one you're reading now.

thank you,
dylan terreri, i
sheldon cooper, ii
"When I'm hungry, I eat. When I'm thirsty, I drink. When I feel like saying something, I say it." - Madonna

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