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dear sir or vagina:


having been the victim of snide remarks and anti-gay attitudes during my youth, i am never one to keep quiet about harassment and discrimination when it happens. in fact, i have a whole website devoted to this kind of bullying - it's called, but this letter isn't about that. you see, everywhere i go in pittsburgh, bigotry and bullying happens - it is for this reason that i want to bring pittsburgh into the limelight as a most intolerant town of bullies.

exhibit A: when i was walking to my car from giant eagle grocery, i was sure that i saw (out of the corner of my eye) a man making a circle by pressing the tip of his thumb against the tip of his forefinger - then spitting through it and in my general direction. it is disgraceful that this is the attitude i get wherever i go. i am bullied wherever i go.


though cities and towns all may be environmentally-conscious and therefore "green" nowadays, there is still bigotry and bullying (and other OLD customs) which are running amuck in any progressive town. one old custom that i am vehemently opposed to is a lack of diversity. there are three environmentally-conscious and therefore green "valley savings banks" that have banned me from their buildings after i sent them mail which expressed my outrage over their all-female staffs. there is a "valley pet store" which banned me because i refused to stop wearing the same tube-tops/short-shorts as i see females wearing everywhere i go. there is even an environmentally-conscious and therefore green "valley veterinary hospital" which once banned me as a client because i used sites like and to criticize their all-female staff as a mark of sexism. they bullied me through their lawyer, i was told that i was making defamatory statements by stating AN OPINION about their all-female staff being a mark of sexism. the lawyer sent me a bullying letter, in which he told me that i'd face legal action if i were ever to be near (or even speak of or write about) the place again. though i've learned that opinions and truthful statements are not considered defamation, and that a lawsuit on these grounds will fail, i will never (outwardly) refer to the place (or its location) by name.

now, regarding the intolerance shown by the "valley vet" and other "valley businesses" who've denied me, i will say that my not being well-known or famous should have no effect on how i'm treated. my name may not be as well-known as names like tim dalton (007) or hall linden (barney miller) - i may not be a star like tim o'brien, tin curry or hall wilkerson (from malcolm in the middle) - my name may not be as lucid as names like tim kris, tin burton - hall johnson (of the famous "negro music-drama") or even the semi-famous hall scott. my name is not as famous as these names, but even no-names like me do not deserve the treatment i get from bigots in western pennsylvania. i don't deserve it on a train, i don't deserve it in the rain. whether or not i'm 68 years old, whether or not i'm having lunch in a subway sandwich shop, i deserve tolerance. all people deserve tolerance. that statement shouldn't be anything new

brighton dark, that's thecontrast when comparing westernpennsylvania to any other place i've lived in. bright on dark. i've never been treated so badly, and this is my complaint: i do not deserve the treatment i get. i am not a criminal and i am not a maureen (pardon me, a moron), what i am is a man studying gender most every day of my life (and asking myself why so many facebook photos portray the female gender as the shorter gender, much like the photo of a certain nick mcelhinny and his shorter female counterpart). i realize that i am a member of the taller/broader/stronger gender, and i DON'T deserve to be slighted or disrespected like i'm a member of the lesser gender who wants to compete like a man but who will not compete unless a "woman's division" has been made to compensate for the lesser gender's lesser heights/widths/strengths/appetites. i don't require compensation for a competition because i am a man. i'm not a maureen and i should not be treated as one.

getting back on-topic, it DOESN'T MATTER that the types of people who slight me are mindless and robotic zombies who love to be getting on their knees and outright worshipping a football team with the words "ferris bueller, you're my hero" (as if to suggest that they, themselves, are too lackluster to be their own superhero). this just DOESN'T MATTER - i am not complaining about ANY joiners who populate pittsburgh, whether they'd be 1) women who can't budge a 100-pound barbell yet who compensate for their frail bodies by calling themselves "strong women," 2) steelers fans who cherish a football team's accomplishments to compensate for their own lackluster existences and/or accomplishments, or 3) homosexual "men" who lack the self-respect and dignity to regard themselves as their one and only man and who therefore rely on a "real man" to compensate for their lackluster masculine existences/identities). i'm not complaining about these people at all, i am complaining about BIGOTS who slight me for being who i am.

i am slighted for not being a pittsburgh steelers fan. actually, i am slighted for wearing a cleveland browns cap everywhere i go. now, it's true that i am not a sports fan. it's true that i wear my browns cap simply to make steelers fans feel psychologically raped (or violated - or whatever the cleveland browns do to the lackluster and paltry existences of pittsburgh steelers fans). in a way, i guess i could be asking to be slighted...but the simple fact that residents of pittsburgh are even capable of feeling raped or violated by the sight of anything that's pro-cleveland, the simple fact that they feel a cause to slight somebody wearing a cleveland browns cap...well, that just points to the kind of losers who populate pittsburgh.

i apologize - i do not want this letter to bash the joiners of pittsburgh, i'm sure that they're...hmn, nice people? i do not want to take issue with anything but the bigotry shown to me - the bigotry that is so reminiscent of the anti-gay bigotry i'd been exposed to as a young adult. pittsburgh is an anti-gay city because residents of pittsburgh are so apt to belittle anyone whose happiness and pleasure relates to the cleveland browns - and because...well, who is "anti-gay" if not anyone who is so apt to belittle anyone else whose pleasures may be not "mainstream" enough?

i realize that people in pittsburgh have had their hearts and minds changed by the "mainstream," by the steelers-worshipping attitudes of pittsburgh residents. i will continue to support the browns, but someone close to me who has never watched football in 60+ years (and who's always had more of an animosity rather than an interest) has become a steelers fan after years of being exposed to the steelers-praising, numb-sculled zombies of pittsburgh. this outwardly-inflicted change of mind which has been inflicted by steelers' fans is anti-gay. i say this because, well, if one's heart and mind can so easily be changed through communication, then how long is it going to be before bible-worshipping christians invoke the same kind of "talk therapy" to change the minds of gay people?

if one's mind and interests can so easily be changed through communication, then how long is it going to be before bible-worshipping christians invoke the same kind of "talk therapy" to change the minds of gay people?

pittsburgh is a town with anti-gay tendencies, evidenced by a love of steelers' football being inflicted by fans of the steelers and onto someone with absolutely no interest in football. the people of pittsburgh should be ashamed of themselves for being proud of altering peoples' minds in this way. how long will it be before pittsburgh residents start trying to change the minds of masculivoids (that is, "men" who look for the man of their dreams in other men) - how long before pittsburgh residents start trying to change their own minds through talk-therapy? maybe they want to be rid of an addiction to smoking that they were BORN WITH, maybe gambling, maybe pornography. the bottom line is that if steelers fans continue to change the hearts and minds of non-steelers fans, it's going to lead to more changes of hearts and minds...which, in turn, is going to compromise the entire "born this way" defense of smokers, gamblers, gays and other addicts who had no intention of changing anything about themselves even before they uttered those three words. the end of the "born this way" defense will, by the way, fuel the "ex-gay movement" and will lead to a proliferation of anti-gay attitudes and ideals.

also, the end of the "born this way" defense will be the fault of pittsburgh. if people learn that minds can be changed through total immersion in steelers-fanaticism, then minds will be changed in every conceivable way. the smoker will become a non-smoker despite his "genetic predisposition," the (predisposed) slot-machine addict will not donate any more money to old people, the fabled "gay gene" will be overridden by the choices one makes, the shopoholic will refrain from shopping...and the "strong woman" who's been indoctrinated into thinking that she's simply a man with a womb, well, she'll realize that she's not just a wombman. she'll realize that there is no B in woman because she is missing balls which provide testosterone, which is responsible for mens' deeper voices and mens' more powerful bodies, as well as mens' body-hair (maybe females want men shaved because of a form of penis-envy known as testosterone-envy).

summing up, i REFUSE to be bullied because i wear a "cleveland browns" cap, i REFUSE to have my mind changed through communication (whether that communication is pro-steelers, pro-strongwoman or pro-gay), and i REFUSE to be exposed to bigots who bully. also, residents of pittsburgh MUST change their steelers-praising attitudes, or at least keep them out of the limelight, because i REFUSE to become a pro-gay and pro-steelers nitwit who's void of any identity aside from the identity pushed upon him by the bigoted bullies who want everyone to think like them.

mr. dylan terreri, i
dr. sheldon cooper, ii
"When I'm hungry, I eat. When I'm thirsty, I drink. When I feel like saying something, I say it." - Madonna

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