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dear sir or vagina:

i have just started chiropractic care there because i get back pain occasionally when i stand from sitting. and also because this past summer i could barely move an hour or so after doing the same weightlifting routine i always do. "i should see a back doctor," i told myself. so i rushed to see one just based on the "back pain equals chiropractor" notion that i had.

i understand how many are helped by chiropractors, i am not saying that dr. dimple is a fraud - especially because of the schooling involved in becoming a doctor - i just don't know enough about the pros and the cons.

i think i should start off with the 5 sessions that insurance will definitely pay for, just to give it "the old college try". though i have quit more than a couple of colleges before i even sat through a class.

so i will be there tomorrow, but i think that i shouldn't plan for anything more than (at the most) 5 sessions. i hate to doubt the dimple, but i am - let me sing the first four words of wham's "careless whisper" - "i feel so unsure".


yes, i am brain-damaged and i send notes to people because i am likely to forget about my concerns before i speak to them again. so, here goes...when i see dr. dimple tomorrow, after he does my back, would it be unheard of for him to tell me why i just read so much bad stuff about chiropractic - and maybe he'd tell me how it doesn't relate to what he does? and why chiropractors' parking lots are full if chiropractors are said to be full

i get migraines a lot and saw how chiropractors might take them away, but then i saw how palmer went to jail because he promised to take every ailment away....and i thought i remembered how dr. dimple went to a palmer school. can dr. manes cure my panes? migraines or just my lower back? or neither? i learned what a PLACEBO was when i red stephen king's book called IT in 8th grade 1200 pages in a 4-day weekend on a bet.

is manes' doctor degree as "too legit" as mc hammer once was, or was gotten in 2 or 3 years? i spent maybe 20 minutes reading the good and the bad, let me quote george michael again "i feel so unsure".

i need to be more assured before i invest $1200 (and possibly the fate of my back).


i can't bring myself to continue with chiropractic. there's too much stuff online - one would think that if it's been around for so long...well, there'd be nothing bad being said about it online save for a few websites. that exist just to provoke people. :)

i can't go today, i feel i will want to give it "that old college try," when right now i just said "NO" by removing that thing from my back that was put on.

i'm not in fear of anything specific happening, i don't know what could happen, but with so many websites (and at least one or two people) warning me about it...chiropractic reminds me of the "a woman can do anything a man can do" li(n)e. i don't want to believe in chiropractic when there's so much out there that's dropping a hint to warn me against it. likewise, if i wouldn't take a hint from gender-based sports teams, gender-based military requirements, gender-based hot dog eating competitions, i would believe in the "a woman can do anything a man can do" nonsense. i'd even believe in "rosie the riveter".

so i am going to go to a doctor for the occasional pain in my back. and if he recommends getting my back pounced upon by anyone...i'll pursue chiropractic.

(that's my shout-out to alanis morissette)

dylan (jagged little dyl)

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