this is another letter of complaint from my website of (homo)sexual assault that is
"When I'm hungry, I eat. When I'm thirsty, I drink. When I feel like saying something, I say it." - Madonna
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dear sir or vagina:


as i was writing and exposing more foibles of femininity by writing more satire for my website, i was listening to my plethora of mp3s when michael w. smith's "colorblind" came on. "better if we could be colorblind," was probably what got me's fine to be colorblind, but don't be blind to reality. gays are blind to reality, vaginas are blind to reality. it's no wonder i've seen so many articles of how gay "men" (emotional masculivoids) are best friends with members of the lesser gender (physical masculivoids).

people nowadays are colorblind to reality, so much that they would try their hardest not to think twice about driving into "the hood" at 11pm and going into a convenience store for a soda . well, i'd bet dollars to doughnuts that it's possible they'd get more than a soda...maybe a concussion. inner-city blacks are dangerous people, that is the truth...but another truth is that people are angry when other people point out the truth about blacks or any other "minority". they won't have or hear the truth, dare i say that they can't handle the truth. i've run into these closed-minded people a lot, they will not bring themselves to admit that the masculine gender offers more strength and ability than the disabled feminine gender. people will not bring themselves to admit that there is both a self-image problem and a gender-identity issue in any "man" who stares gaping-mouthed and wide-eyed at a member of his own gender like he's some kind of outsider. i don't refer to gay "men" with a word like "masculivoids" for no reason, and i don't use punctuation to separate gay "men" from straight men for no reason, either.

i'm sure that if some people were presented with a $10,000 check in exchange for naming vaginas as members of the lesser gender, their politically-correct pride wouldn't do it. nobody dares to say anything true about the gender of vaginas if it relates to being members of the less-competent gender. the reality around them doesn't matter - it doesn't matter that the vaginas have less height than men, it doesn't matter that vaginas eat less than men, it doesn't matter that wide hips are no match for broad shoulders, it doesn't matter that every "curves fitness for vaginas" establishment is full to the brim with lesser barbells while lacking any man-sized barbells. facts don't matter to the politically-correct bleeders of the world, it's all about making lesser people feel that they are not lesser.

people ignore reality in an effort to placate the lesser gender and to pat them on the head. if a little vagina is strong and can do anything a man can do, why doesn't she defend herself from a rapist? i'm not saying that rape is a bad thing, it keeps the lesser gender grounded enough not to think like the fictional characters known as "g.i. jane" or "rosie the riveter," it gets a little female to accept her gender as somewhat disabled enough to have warranted the creation of gender-based sports teams and gender-based military requirements. i would pose a few questions to reiterate my point about the disabled gender: without gender-based olympic competitions, would there be any female champions? without gender-based hot dog eating competitions, would there be any female champions? without gender-based sports teams, would one gender serve as a "handicap" to the other gender? without gender-based military requirements, would "g.i. jane" even be allowed to compromise the strength of the u.s. military? without aspirations of world-dominance, would there be gender-based (female) infanticide in china?

i've read online at some yahoo-type blog about someone who was bragging about his conscious decision to stop referring to members of the lesser gender as "girls". "women" this and "women" that...i doubt if he wanted to respect men enough to refer to them as "men" rather than as "guys," but i wondered if he realized that he is basically saying "vaginas" by using the word "women," seeing as how womb+men is wombmen with a silent B-sound (or a lack of Balls) . calling females "women" is like calling them "vagmen". it's all based on their monthly egg-bleed, their baby-maker. which brings me to another point - vaginas may refer to men as "guys" simply because the lesser gender doesn't want to be reminded that they are spin-offs of the greater gender (womb+men). i believe that members of the lesser gender love to refer to men as "guys" because doing so is a comfort-zone for the lessers which keeps them from specifically acknowledging the greaters, seeing that "guys" is used for either gender. "hi, guys," "bye, guys," it's elemental that using the word "guys" it is a defense-mechanism to keep the delusional Strongwoman in her own little world where the stronger gender of men does not exist.

we make so many compensations for vaginas - from basing physical competitions on gender, to amending our language in order to show respect to a gender of masculine-wannabees. from thinking that rape is as serious a crime as murder is, to the mass-production of high-heeled shoes and shoulderpads. it's time that we stop placating the lesser gender, it's time we stop compensating for the "lesserness" of femininity with things like gender-based physical competitions and high-heeled shoes and shoulderpads. it's time females grow up. they are not men, they are LESSER - from their narrow shoulders to their lesser stomachs to their high-heeled shoes to their shoulderpads to their woman-sized barbells. they were not meant to be warriors, they were meant to be MOTHERS- from their milk-spewing mammary glands to their egg-bleeding vaginas!

if the vagina assumes the role of "head of the family," if the vagina drives her family around, if the vagina is in control of the household, if the vagina is seen as the parent who is strong...if the short, lightweight pipsqueak parent is seen as "the one" by the kids...well, unless she is therapeutically raped by her husband and right in front of their kids, then she's not going to accept reality and her cross-eyed kids are not going to be exposed to reality enough to get them seeing straight. if the importance of men gets lesser and lesser, if negroes and other minorities rely on programs like "affirmative action" because they can't rely on their own minds to get into college, if gays go on thinking that there's nothing wrong with feeling like an outsider and downright clueless around naked members of their own gender, if the shorter/smaller/lesser gender is regarded as "boss-man" or "in-charge," then you can't really blame obama for the downfall of america. it's been going on for decades.

vaginas are spiteful towards masculinity, masculivoids are spiteful towards men who are straight with themselves AS men and who preach the importance of masculine self-worth enough to their sons so that homosexuality is seen as a slight against self. blacks are spiteful towards whites and anyone else who can get into college based on grades rather than skin-color. compensations are made to protect the pride and the feelings of the lesser people (vaginas, gays, negroes, etc), so many compensations for the lesser people that there is going to be nowhere for the truly excellent people to shine. the country will be over-run by mediocrity, and compensations will be made to protect the transcripts and the history of the first mediocre (black, gay, female or wombn) president.

being colorblind doesn't mean you have to be blind to reality. or mediocrity.

mr. dylan terreri, i
dr. sheldon cooper, ii
"When I'm hungry, I eat. When I'm thirsty, I drink. When I feel like saying something, I say it." - Madonna

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