this is another letter of complaint from my website of (homo)sexual assault that is
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dear sir or vagina:

as the webmaster of, i think that it is long overdue and high-time for society to stop using the word "cop" to describe policemen. i think that the word "cop" is used to slight policemen, it is said with no respect at all, much like how so many refer to men not as "men" but as "guys" while never failing to show respect to members of the shorter/smaller/weaker/lesser gender by referring to them as "women".

i'm not going to try to sell the reader on reasons why they should respect policemen, that would be as productive as trying to explain the principle of "masculine superiority" to a population of mind-numb couch-potatoes who buy into the "a woman can do anything a man can do" line without realizing how real life (ie, gender-based athletics, gender-based eating competitions, gender-based military requirements and gender-based olympic events) slaps the notion of gender-equality right in the face. i'm not going to try to sell the reader on reasons why they should respect policemen by not referring to them as "cops," i actually don't believe that most people have respect for policemen. i don't think that people nowadays have respect for anything but their own desires.

i realize how george zimmerman was not a policeman, though i don't believe that someone like trayvon martin was even capable of showing respect to ANY authority figure, but if trayvon martin had better parents then he'd be alive today and he would NOT be burning in hell. if trayvon martin had parents who were involved in trayvon's life and who were trying to bring their son up to be a polite and respectful "model citizen," well, he wouldn't have had a chip on his shoulder big enough to refer to zimmerman as a "cracker" before any confrontations even happened. if trayvon's parents were better people who instilled a better sense of dignity into trayvon, then trayvon would have been able to speak to a neighborhood watchman in a neighborly way...and a confrontation with zimmerman would have ended with a handshake.

did trayvon martin even HAVE two parents, or could his delinquency be blamed on a broken home? like britney spears, trayvon was "not that innocent," but he's a LOT more guilty than britney will ever be. trayvon martin was suspended from school three times (oops, i did it again) and he was on suspension when he was shot. trayvon was caught with a marijuana pipe and a baggie with drug-residue. trayvon was kicked out of school for graffiti, he was caught with a burglary tool and a bag of (not skittles) womens' jewelry. he was suspended for skipping school and for tardiness.

trayvon martin was NOT THAT INNOCENT, a far-cry from the adorable picture of a sweet little negro-boy with a hollister t-shirt on and an ever-present smile on his face. i also wonder, if trayvon was such an exemplarary young man, why would he stay and fight someone twice his size and nearly twice his age when he could so easily have outrun zimmerman and gone back into the 7-11 for some more skittles and a well-lit vantage-point to provide protection from zimmerman? trayvon could've even asked for help from the cashier or anyone else in the store.

he's not that innocent. he could have run into a lighted store with people inside who could have helped, but trayvon chose to "stand his ground" and to use deadly force. isn't that the "stand your ground" law? being used by trayvon? NO!!!!

anyway, so trayvon chose to stand his ground and to bloody-up zimmerman's head. he's probably not totally to blame, i mean, he may have been inspired to use deadly force against zimmerman because the 7-11 he just left had an 80's radio-station on. trayvon could have been inspired to do what he did to zimmerman 's head because the last song he heard was quiet riot's song called "bang your head". we can't put all the blame on the sweet, innocent negro-boy. it is wrong to even try.

now, i realize how most negros (old and young) have no respect for the police. for crying out loud, their african-bongo music has them rapping "FUCK THE POLICE" and "COP KILLER" day in and day out. who could possibly expect more from a race of people if a lot of the most successful (and most heard) members of their race are spewing this kind of hatred, disrespect and vitriol? i grew up watching "the cosby show," every thursday at 8, the huxtables are the kinds of people that blacks should look up to and respect - not "gangsta rappers" or anyone else with racist or sexist or classist chips on their shoulders. the huxtables MADE something out of themselves, cliff the doctor and clair the lawyer, sandra probably didn't rely on any "americans with disabilities" act known as "affirmative action" to earn her place in college. as for denise, theo and rudy, well, they lived in a nice home with loving and caring parents who brought them up with a sense of dignity and self-respect. with what negroes are exposed to nowadays, it seems like that show can join "leave it to beaver" in the "yeah, that can happen" trash-heap of history.

trayvon martin was a disgusting excuse for a human being. there, i said it. trayvon martin's parents are BAD PARENTS because they are responsible for the lowlife-criminal that trayvon turned out to be. i guess "the cosby show" really is black-america's "leave it to beaver" - heck, it is white-america's "leave it to beaver" after a "leave it to beaver" type of american life became a subject for ridicule. "the cosby show" - a strong family unit, parents who grew up before they became parents, parents who don't rely on government for their lives, a sense of self-love and self-respect, dignity, a pride of self (every aspect of self, not just one), "the cosby show" exuded all of this. sure, at times it was a vehicle for mister roger's neighborhood and the "land of make believe," sexist in its attempts to get people to stop regarding the shorter/smaller/weaker gender as "lesser," but overall it was an excellent show and if more families - black and white - would be like the huxtables then maybe the world would be a better place. maybe trayvon would be alive today - maybe trayvon would not have been suspended from school so much, maybe trayvon would not have had gold teeth - maybe trayvon would have had better parents. that's what it all comes down to, trayvon is dead because his parents did not bring him up to be a model citizen or even a worthy citizen. worthwhile.

if only george zimmerman wasn't patrolling that night. if only trayvon didn't have a racist chip on his shoulder. if only trayvon grew up in a "huxtable" household rather than the household his parents provided. if only trayvon's parents were better people. if trayvon's parents were respectable people who respected people, it's not hard to fathom that trayvon would have grown up with a respect of people and not with the racist chip on his shoulder that made him regard a total stranger as a "cracker".

before i end and send this essay, did you ever wonder why a word like "cracker" can be used on tv and a word like "nigger" is replaced with "the n-word"? nobody dares to say "nigger," but "cracker" is fine. i'm just going to type it some more, it feels so good on my fingertips. nigger. nigger. nigger. :)

mr. dylan terreri, i
dr. sheldon cooper, ii
"When I'm hungry, I eat. When I'm thirsty, I drink. When I feel like saying something, I say it." - Madonna
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