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dear sir or vagina:

please hear me out, in the name of gay rights.

i feel that the heterosexual community is infringing upon the self-worth of every member of the gay community. i feel that with just a little more gay-affirming propaganda strategically placed in the media and therefore into the minds of the people who are straight, then people who are not straight will feel better about their crooked, cross-eyed gender-identities.

it is my opinion that the old "opposites attract" justification for anyone's lust should be done away with and replaced by "envy attracts". for example, in my case, opposites do not attract because i am the complete opposite of men who infrequently swim or lift weights or do any sort of exercise. "opposites attract" doesn't apply to me. i am only attracted to men who, like me, are fitness-minded. i am not sexually attracted to physically-weak men. opposites do not attract, but let me continue...

playing "devil's advocate," i understand how a man is considered to be the complete opposite of any member of the little, lackluster, shorter/smaller/weaker gender, and therefore "opposites attract" would apply to a man who is attracted to the opposite sex. i understand this, but there are men who were born with a penis, who have not internalized masculine gender-identity, and who therefore gawk at other men in a state of dumbfounded curiosity. therefore, in this case, "opposites attract" is not a matter of gender.

a little slight of a man fantasizing about the biggest and strongest specimen of manhood on the football field, well, in his case, "opposites attract" is not a matter of gender. it's a matter of self-image. "opposites" is how one feels INSIDE about one's own state of gender, it's not a simple matter of male/female on the OUTSIDE. identity is how one perceives oneself - if one has a low self-image of oneself AS A MEMBER OF THEIR NATURAL-BORN GENDER, one is going to lust for and celebrate that perfect member.

when i was a senior in high school, i celebrated a man named jd stem in a plethora of articles i wrote for our journalism class. he was a football-star, a wrestling-star, i considered him to be the "real man" that i didn't consider myself to be. he was the perfect specimen of manhood, so i wanted to celebrate him.

didn't chastity bono say about itself that it "didn't really feel that different from the boys," and that this feeling is one reason why it got a sex-change operation? it said that it didn't feel comfortable with, and that it wasn't even proud of, the way it looked as a female. these are chastity's opinions of itself which were acquired through living and through making determinations of chastity's place in the world, they were not somehow inexplicably implanted in chastity's thoughts when it was born. i say this because, before anyone can form an opinion about oneself in relation to one's gender, one has to have something to base the opinion on...and a fresh-out-of-the-womb brain does not have any knowledge of anything to base any opinions on. it is not even developed enough to form opinions. chastity's mind had to LEARN that chastity's gender made chastity feel like a fish out of water, and chastity's mind didn't learn what it learned with no help. if chastity was the only person on earth, it wouldn't have felt any need to get a sex-change operation. if chastity was the only person on earth, how would it even have known that it didn't feel like the gender it was? how would it have known anything about two genders when there was only one gender on earth? it got a dysfunctional gender-identity through everyday experiences and through living - not through a kreskin-type of gene which magically gives people enough knowledge to form an identity.

if one has a low self-image of oneself as a member of one's natural-born gender, one is very likely to lust for and otherwise celebrate the perfect member - just as i celebrated jd.

envy makes the libido go 'round. that is what "opposites attract" means. if a heterosexual libido is considered the "normal" and the most-popular form of libido, it's because most people have their heads on straight regarding the presence of the gender that is on their bodies (and regarding the envious, "you got, i want" type of desire felt for the presence of the gender that their minds see as foreign and excitably taboo) . it's just logical for one to have matured so that one's gender-identity reflects one's natural-born gender. likewise, if homosexuality is considered "abnormal" or "problematic," it's because homosexuals are not straight with themselves as members of their own gender - and therefore are apt to stare in dumbfounded curiosity at a bunch of foreign entities (or discovery-zones) which are nothing but naked members of their own gender. this dumbfounded curiosity hints at a lack of self-love and of self-respect and of self-acceptance with regards to the presence of the gender that is on the homosexual's body.

it is for this reason that i believe "opposites attract" should be replaced by "envy attracts". referencing a song from the 1980s called "the sweetest taboo," which was popular when i was embarrassed to undress in the locker room because i had no armpit-hair like the other boys, i will say 1) that i regarded armpit-hair as somewhat "forbidden" or "taboo," 2) that absence makes the heart grow fonder (and the cock grow harder), and 3) that "envy" is a better word than "opposites" to justify anyone's sexual attraction.

please forward this to any "sex education" class, it is imperative that little kids understand sexual attraction as a mark of envy rather than simply a mark of "opposites". the only thing that has made me as anti-gay as i am, is all of this gay propaganda that's trying to turn homosexuality into something it's not (and gay "men" into strong men who don't lack a sense of masculine gender-identity). come to think of it, if someone doesn't feel incomplete, empty or void without a "soul-mate," well, what are they dating for in the first place? people who need to find a man to be in their lives are masculivoids, people who need to find a female to be in their lives are feminivoids.

thank you,
mr. dylan terreri, i
dr. sheldon cooper, ii
"When I'm hungry, I eat. When I'm thirsty, I drink. When I feel like saying something, I say it." - Madonna

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