this is another letter of complaint from my website of (homo)sexual assault that is
"When I'm hungry, I eat. When I'm thirsty, I drink. When I feel like saying something, I say it." - Madonna
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dear sir or vagina:

to gold's gym and wal-mart:

as an enthusiastic woman beater/wife beater, as the webmaster of, i want to accuse the gold's gym corporation AND the wal-mart in cranberry township (pennsylvania) for false advertising.

i am offended because i bought a "thigh toner" (made by the gold's gym corporation) at wal-mart, it had pictures of both genders on the box - both the lesser gender and the greater gender - but when i took it out of the box and started to use it...well, let's just say that i didn't have to guess which gender it was designed for. right out of the box, it appeared to me as breakable...which is how i regard the lesser (wannabee) gender every time i notice the pipsqueaks who are wearing high-heeled shoes and shoulderpads as if they want to be equal to mens' greater heights/widths/appetites. let me just say that the existence of a gender full of breakable pipsqueaks should not be reason for any company (gold's gym or wal-mart) to compromise the resistance-level of a portable exercise-machine that they make available to the public.

i should have known that something with pink handles would be no challenge to a full-grown man, i should not have bought this "thigh toner," but i was desperate for something fitness-related to do while on my bed and designing Strongwoman-bashing and gay-bashing webpages to add to my websites ( and i have been dong butt-clenches, and it looks like i'm going to have to continue with them until i find something like the "thigh toner" that is "strong enough for a man and not made for a woman". i have no use for anything that is "strong enough for a woman," i should have known that anything i bought that is "strong enough for a woman" would not be challenging at all for men. I AM A MAN, MY LEVEL OF STRENGTH SHOULD NOT BE COMPROMISED ON ACCOUNT OF WHAT IS BENEFICIAL TO THE GENDER OF PIPSQUEAKS.

and, might i add, although men excite me to no end like i see them as some kind of "discovery zone" - although i am easily aroused by shirtless or naked masculine images - although my ever-present curiosity of the masculine gender names me a "masculivoid" of sorts...i am still a man and i still possess a physical competency that FAR SURPASSES that of a mere wombn. i may be gay enough to feel a burning curiosity (or a desire to discover) when i am around the masculine gender, i therefore may be gay enough to be unable to truly consider myself as superior to men (or even as mens' equal), but i am DAMNED sure that i am superior to the little, milk-spouters and egg- bleeders of the world who've lacked manly shoulders/backs ever since their hips widened to allow the passage of a baby. wombn are all about dairy, from their milk-spurting MOMmary glands to their bloody egg-receptacles, why do we placate them by telling them that they weren't designed to be used as tools for men to impregnate and for babies to get nourishment from?

i am DAMNED sure that i am superior to the egg-bleeders - it's hard not to feel superior to the lesser gender when sports teams and military requirements and "hot dog eating" competitions and even strength competitions at the ymca are gender-based. isn't there a song about how one gender would be considered as a "handicap" to another gender if both genders were competing in the same activity? wasn't that song called "keep 'em separated" or something?

this also points my offense of something else that gold's gym is responsible for. gold's gym has come to be known as a place to build strength and muscle, yet so many of their billboards and product-boxes feature pictures of members of the lesser gender. i can't decide whether they are trying to equate "strong" with "womb," or if they are trying to tell men to get another fitness provider because men are only going to get "woman-strong" by using anything made by gold's gym.

i will be starting a boycott.

thank you,
dylan terreri, i
sheldon cooper, ii
"When I'm hungry, I eat. When I'm thirsty, I drink. When I feel like saying something, I say it." - Madonna
...and the manager at gold's gym in peoria, illinois, answers...
...threatening me with a charge of "deformation" of character...insert nanny fine's nasal laugh...

We are an independently owned and operated facility!! Don't ever send something like this to us again!!! Get your facts straight, or be prepared for a law suit of "deformation of character".

get what facts straight? i told you the facts relating to my experience with a product made by gold's gym. if you don't want to be associated with gold's gym then you shouldn't be running a gold's gym.

and who's character am i "deforming" when i am writing a letter of complaint to gold's gym and wal-mart, the companies responsible for the product i am complaining about? and what lies have i told that would justify a charge of DEFORMATION or even DEFAMATION?

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