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"one piece at a time"

the pennsylvania state-flower is the mountain laurel...in honor of the flower, i will replace names with my state's flower.

thanks to miss mountain laurel, who is someone whose environmentalism had originally given me the idea to register this domain.

i also give thanks because mountain laurel's anti-gay harassment and ridicule which was directed at me, most every day of my young life, spawned a lack of masculine self-worth and self-confidence which would ultimately have me searching externally for the man of my dreams. the man of my dreams is named matthew laurel, i love my homosexual attraction, and i partially credit mountain laurel for my homosexual identity. it's no wonder i had no masculine self-confidence, even with the same last name as someone as studly and manly as chris terreri

laurel had a nickname for me, "grit," because she never regarded me as masculine and therefore nicknamed me as a mixture of a "girl" and an "it". masculine-abandonment. with someone as anti-gay as miss mountain in my life, with someone always attacking my sense of gender-identity, why shouldn't i have been longing for the attention of a man? i surely wasn't man enough to fulfill my need for a man. masculine-abandonment. time does not heal all wounds.

terreri. my name is dylan terreri, the first. i am gay and proud of it. all of his young life, terreri's been slighted by mountain laurel

terreri. my name is dylan terreri, the first. terreri thanks mountain for his lack of masculine gender-identity, for if he was a straight man (rather than a gay guy), he would not have enough first-hand knowledge to have authored this anti-gay website-metropolis which gives him so much fulfillment. time does not heal all wounds.

now, getting on with my "one piece at a time" movement:

i believe that anyone who wants to improve the environment "one piece at a time" would have to start with improving their sense of self "one piece at a time". flying in the face of improving oneself and making oneself "simply the best," though, are the very people who want to improve the environment. environmentalists are usually liberal democrats who are pro-gay to the core and who therefore have no regard for the sanctity of gender. they have no respect for gender, usually they have issues with gender (either they buy into the "a woman can do anything a man can do" propaganda, or they think self-love can be achieved in the existence of a "man" who looks externally for the man of his dreams).

the democrats who are all gung-ho about loving and respecting the environment are all gung-ho about accepting a false sense of reality and a false sense of identity. there are gender-based sports teams for a reason, there are gender-based military requirements for a reason. there are gender-based hot dog eating competitions for a reason, there are gender- based physical competitions for a reason - this reason is that members of one gender cannot triumph over members of another gender and only alongside of them. my "one piece at a time" campaign is to clean-up feminists' gender-identities "one piece at a time".

my "one piece at a time" campaign is to clean-up gays' senses of gender-identity "one piece at a time". there are a LOT of gays who are environmentalists wanting to clean-up the environment "one piece at a time," but i will maintain that you can't love and respect the environment (or anything else) if you don't love and respect yourself.

self-love is not identity-love...i could talk my brain into possessing the identity of the greatest football player in existence - better than both tim tebow and matthew muchnok - but it would be a lie. loving myself as the greatest football player in existence would mean i was loving a false identity. sure, i could wear a cleveland browns cap in an effort to make people think that i have a knowledge of football, but it would be a lie and the cap would be a prop to make people buy into my false identity (much like chastity bono's penis is the same type of prop, much like the penchant for believing in anything as ridiculous as gender-equality or "a woman can do anything a man can do" is the same type of propaganda).

the truth is that i wear a cleveland browns cap in pittsburgh to figuratively spit on the plethora of dullards in pittsburgh who never miss a chance to see the steelers in action. i spit on leeches who get both their identities and their senses of life-justification from the accomplishments of people who they regard as heroes. dare i compare steelers-worshippers to the masculine man-worshippers, dare i say that i also spit on "men" who get a legitimate sense of masculine gender-identity from inspecting mens' body-parts with any of their seven senses.

i wear a cleveland browns cap to spit on overzealous fans of the pittsburgh steelers who regard fans of the browns as rivals. fans of the steelers are overzealous and bordering on obsessed because they are sure to never miss a game, ever. these people are all a bunch of adolescentile nitwits searching for someone to save them from their meager existences - searching for someone to hear them say "ferris bueller, you're my hero".

if i wore a cleveland browns cap to make people think i am a football fan, that i know anything about football, then the cap would be as much of a prop as chastity bono's penis is. chastity bono is not a real man, it is a fabrication which does not permit me to refer to it as a man. chastity bono has had a halloween costume permanently attached to its body. chastity bono is not a real man, its fabricated testicles cannot produce sperm or even testosterone, and it'll never be as strong as a real man because it ISN'T a real man. it is a permanent trick-or-treater.

self-love is not identity-love. self is reality, identity is a state of mind, minds can be changed on any day INCLUDING halloween, but gender-reassignment surgery is a costume which only changes the outward appearance of things. real men are not made from the nothing that femininity is, real men are not made by a mad scientist/transvestite or anything like a sonic oscillator. real men are born men, fabricated "men" have undergone gender-reassignment surgery.

mr. dylan terreri, i
dr. sheldon cooper, ii
"When I'm hungry, I eat. When I'm thirsty, I drink. When I feel like saying something, I say it." - Madonna

one piece at a time