this is another letter of complaint from my website of (homo)sexual assault that is
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dear sir or vagina:


"One thing is for certain: if your customer is simply expressing an opinion, or if what they are saying is simply true, a defamation lawsuit will fail. Opinions and truthful statements are protected" - Cynthia Hsu, Esq. on June 30, 2011 5:43 AM

i am searching for a lawyer to sue the "green valley pet pi hostal" that dropped me (and my pet) as clients after i posted a petition online. the petition called for the business to be more diverse in its hiring practices. i am also wanting to sue the shit-town (or shittsburg, shittsville) lawyer who represents the business - he threatened me with a lawsuit if i were to speak or post anything more about the place. it is for that reason that i do not mention the name of the business in this letter. the lawyer also said that i posted "false, defamatory and disparaging comments which the hostal disputes," but all i did was state my opinions regarding the lesser gender (ie, "i feel that the female owner..." statements, "she probably is spiteful that females are shorter" opinions), as well as the opinion that the unnamed business is a very sexist organization (i included a link to the page of their website which shows an ALL-FEMALE STAFF OF 13). how can they dispute the gender of their employees, for crying out loud? they couldn't dispute the sexism of their all-female staff, even if one "female" employee is a gender-dysfunctional transsexual who is at war with his genitalia and is suffering from issues of gender-identity which his mind would have resolved and dissolved if he would have learned to accept himself (ie, regard his penis as a legitimate part of himself). furthermore, the "faux female" would tell anyone that he's "just as female as the next girl," therefore the presence of a transsexual working there isn't going to change the sexist element that is present.

to continue: the letter/petition i wrote was a letter to complain about the business being sexist. now, i did do a lot of "female bashing" in the letter, but there's nothing wrong with that - it's the same thing as big strong feminists (who can rarely budge 100 pounds) referring to a man who is physically capable as a "little man". i maintain that, in order for the reader to understand just why i am offended by anti-man sexism, i have to make it known just why attitudes of "female superiority" are not rational.

now, having spent nearly all of my life in the muskenetcong valley of new jersey and in the cumberland river valley of tennessee (not to mention in pennsylvania's lehigh, pocono and allegheny valleys), and having been surrounded by hills and mountains looming over me (as if to suggest that i am small in comparision), i have come to the conclusion that most females i have run into in the aforementioned valleys have let the gender that is "small in comparison" get the best of them. i believe that they are green with envy of the masculine gender, i believe that their green envy has turned their "valley surroundings" into a green valley...simply because they are spiteful (green with envy) of the "mountain-sized men". specifically, of mens' taller height, broader shoulders, stronger bodies, bigger stomachs...and sometimes even bigger breasts. badum-bum.

to continue: after establishing green as the color of envy, after establishing the valley as being lesser than (subordinate to) the mountain, after establishing "green valley" as a term relating to "envious subordinates" (or "spiteful women"), i will proceed to regard "green valley" as synonymous with "sexist" or "sexism". i will also say that i will not back down and that i will forever expose what i regard as "green valley" attitudes (whether i find the sexist anti-man attitudes at a grocery store where they sell food, or at a veterinary hospital where they take care of sick dogs and other pets). i will post anti-"green valley" petitions to websites like, i'll send letters complaining of "green valleys" or "spiteful subordinates" to newspaper editors of any color (even negro), i'll even send my "green valley"-related gripes to "valley lawyers" of any (competent) color in hopes of finding one who'd sue the "green valley"-favoring companies which employ more vaginas than men. that's why i am searching for a lawyer to sue the business which dropped me as a client after i posted an online petition/letter of complaint which called for the place to be more diverse in its hiring practices. i am also wanting to sue the one shit-town (shittsville, shittsburgh) lawyer who represents them - he threatened me with "legal action" if i were to continue to post anything regarding the place which employs 13 egg-leaking vaginas. now, this letter may be regarding that place, but truth would trump a defamation charge...and the truth of their sexist staff is justifiable with a visit to the "our staff" page of their website - 13 females, 0 men. i am still careful not to be naming the business, simply because i am a very paranoid person and i do not like to worry about bullshit threats that lawyers are famous for making. they cause me hardship and grief.

before i go and reveal the (newly edited) petition/letter of complaint which started the blatant nonsense of these 13 egg-bleeding vaginas, i feel i must make it known that feminism tells me that i am justified in exposing gender-based bias. now, instead of making the "i couldn't have done it without you" comments, instead of breaking out into an off-key rendition of "you are the wind beneath my wings," i'll say this to every little "green valley" (meaning "envious subordinate") type of feminist who is apt to write letters and file lawsuits which are full of "green valley" (meaning "sexist") attitudes and spite meant to belittle and denigrate the masculine gender: YOU, ALRIGHT, I LEARNED IT BY WATCHING YOU.

i can and do denigrate the female gender with so much skill and meticulously-placed disrespect - digital underground had a lyric in "the way we swing" that i would like to relate to my letters: triple-slipping emcees will get verbally raped". i think feelings of being "verbally raped" is the reason that the 13 "envious subordinates" (or "green valleys") got a lawyer after me, they probably either felt verbally, emotionally or psychologically raped by my words. i mean, they called a lawyer because - well, what were they going to do by themselves? shoot some vagina-blood at me once a month as if they're a bunch of egg-laying chickens? kinda like a female version of "terrance and phillip," i guess.

what follows will be two letters. the first is a petition regarding "green valley" attitudes that i posted at and at it relates to the gender of every "envious subordinate" at one specific business owned by a little vagina - and how the "green valley" types of "envious subordinates" have turned the entire place into one big green valley - or one easily-violated pussyhole that's made up of a bunch of egg-leaking and envious subordinates who all contribute to the red river of blood and eggs that's figuratively omnipresent at the vaginal establishment..if you don't mind my mocking the menstrual cycle..

13 "valley vulvas" and 0 "mountain-sized men" in one "valley office". the vaginas at the place saw the letter/petition i wrote and they got a lawyer who told me to stop posting (or speaking of) anything related to the business. i wrote no complaints about any of the "valley vaginas" working at the place, all i did was call it a "very sexist organization" with a link to the webpage showing the employees as all female employees. obeying the lawyer, i removed the name ond the address from my petition/letter, and the edited version of the petition/letter will soon follow. i need to sue for either money in retribution for the hardships and grief that the business and their lawyer have caused, or for the right to refer to the business that is made up of "13 vagins" by its rightful name. i want the chance to see if i am able to organize a boycott.

now, the second letter is to the vagina-defending lawyer in the shittsburgh who accused me of writing "false, defaming and disparaging" statements about the business which hires only members of the lesser gender.. the gender of the employees justifies my accusations of sexism, and truth trumps a defamation charge. furthermore, it is a valid opinion that the employees are sexist - i feel that if they weren't sexist then they wouldn't be working at a sexist (one-gendered) establishment. opinions and facts are not defamation. i told the lawyer that the only thing i wrote about the hostal was that the the list of employees showed no diversity (along with an element of sexism), i told him that the list of employees consisted of 13 vaginas and no men. i basically told him that the basis for my anti-"green valley" (meaning anti-envious subordinate or anti-woman) type of sexism would easily be justified as legitimate by a "valley 5 year-old" of either gender. i said "either gender" because 5 year-old girls aren't yet likely to have developed the spiteful pride that keeps feminists from speaking about (or caring about) any anti-man sexism.

furthermore, when mostly all sexism displayed by the weaker gender has a lot to do with envy of the stronger gender, i believe that even a "valley 5 year-old" would see the envious (green) sexism involved in only one gender being represented by the employees at any type of hostal which habors "green valley" (meaning "sexist") attitides regarding the "green valleys" (meaning "envious vaginas").. additionally, when all of the employees are of the "valley gender" (vaginas are valleys, valleys are mountains' subordinates), and they were all hired by another vagina (read, subordinate), this signifies a deliberate attempt at sexism - especially when there are more man qualified to work there than there are female, due to the fact that there are a lot of self-content females who don't feel that they have to prove their gender's worth by not letting their husband be the "sole provider" of the family.

once again, let me say that i left out actual names because (unlike other "green valley" businesses full of red egg-bleeding vaginas whose sexist hiring practices i've written about), this sexist establishment got a lawyer to threaten me with a lawsuit after they saw my complaints of their sexism posted online. what a responsible thing to do, what a noble establishment this hostal must be for the little vaginas to call a shit-town (shittsville, shittsburgh) lawyer because i wrote about their establishment being SEXIST. this is a line from what the lawyer wrote to me: "please be advised that any further statements that you make to any third parties or on any public forums regarding (HOSTAL NAME WITHHELD) will be subject to a legal action against you for slander and defamation".

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