this is another letter of complaint from my website of (homo)sexual assault that is
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dear sir or vagina:

i am filing a complaint regarding license plate "*******" on a gray minivan:

on june 21st at around 2:00 pm (give or take 30 minutes), i was driving and was a relatively long way from the bar-slash-soccer building and where the road turns from two lanes into one lane. in my rear-view mirror, i saw the aforementioned minivan in back of me at least 1500 feet away (between three quarter-miles and a half-mile away) and it seemed to be speeding-up. i usually am paranoid about getting stuck at the two-lane/one-lane split with a car purposefully speeding up and likely causing an accident while trying to get in front of me, but this car was so far behind me that i didn't think it was possible to be caught at the split with him anywhere near me (let's call the driver a "him," not to signify the minivan as a car that complements the baby-making womb and the baby-nourishing MOMmary glands of any woman (wombn) driver, but just as a way to give a tip of the hat to members of the taller/wider/stronger gender who have bigger appetites (for sex and for food...and, in this case, for speed).

anyway, i did not increase or decrease my speed while anticipating the two-lane/one-lane split, but the minivan was only about thirty to forty feet behind me once i had reached the split. WHICH MEANS IT PASSED THE TWO CARS THAT WERE FAR AND FURTHER BEHIND ME. i saw the minivan moving into the right lane as if the driver was going to pass me in the shoulder, i panicked while visions of car-crashes, hospital-beds and tbi (traumatic brain-injury) passed through my head. i didn't want the psycho-driver to give me another tbi, and i didn't know what to do, so i panicked. i swerved into the shoulder so that the minivan would not try to pass me and endanger both of our lives, and afterward i continued to drive in the one-lane road with the maniac stuck behind me.

continuing on my way, i was not driving too slow to antagonize the negro who was driving the car (i couldn't see his face and only could see his hands on the steering-wheel - they were the color of shit so i assumed that the driver was from niggeria or another country in africa). as i said, i was not driving too slow simply to antagonize him, i was driving too slow so that i could recover from the horror he had caused. now, i cannot be sure of the appearance of the driver, but i refer to him as an african because of his shit-colored hands - i refer to him as a "him" because the fingers on the shit-stained hands were thick. now, i realize how the little vagina-people of the world can have thick fingers, but the reality of the vagina-gender being big and physically capable just is more fantasy-based (lara croft) than reality-based (lauren silberman and that girl - pardon me, that "Strongwoman" who died of heat-exhaustion on the arizona border...kirstin fike?). i mean, for crying out loud, why do you think gender-based sports teams and gender-based requirements for the military exist? it's so that the little gender doesn't act as a "handicap" on a team of sportsmen.. it's so that the men in the military are strong enough to compensate for the members of the little gender who don't have to be nearly as strong or as competent as a man to be allowed into the military.

so, the driver of the minivan - license plate number ******* - was likely a man and likely an african. i realize how one complaint is not going to send him back to africa, but i fear that he is a spiteful african monkey with something to prove. i fear that the horror i felt today will happen to another member of the white race, possibly with a worse outcome. the nigger could have crashed right into me; i'm sure that he would have if there weren't two other cars on the road acting as witnesses to the speed it took him to catch-up to me. i have learned that niggers don't like there to be witnesses when they harm whites out of spite for the superior race. sometimes, the negro-favoring programs like "affirmative action" just aren't enough to keep nigs happy - maybe some nigs see these programs as a sort of baby's pacifier used to placate members of the black race and their lesser abilities/intelligences. maybe the nigs who are in-touch with reality enough to see that blacks get into college because they're black rather than smart, well, maybe they are angry and full of spite at their race. kind of like how members of the vagina-gender are angry and full of spite at their gender. their lackluster, baby-making gender of incompetent musculature. i'm just saying.

this has been my complaint of the gray minivan, license plate *******. i don't know if a mere letter is enough for any police department to go after any african monkey, especially when bigots like al sharpton and jesse jackson are around to ignore the facts about the kind of trouble-making instigator that trayvon martin was, but i'm just reporting a public-disturbance.

thank you,
dylan terreri, i

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